Cai Graham

I am thrilled that you are here, as there are many options available for you to choose from.

Working with me, you benefit from my wealth of experience spanning 25 years…

  • as a family photographer
  • as a Master Coach and Master Practitioner in the NLP
  • as a child line volunteer
  • and most importantly – above all else – as a Mum of two fantastic individuals, now “fully fledged” and embarking on their own lives.

As you see throughout my website, I have channelled all of this experience into:

Writing A Book

Creating An App

Broadcasting A YouTube Channel

Producing Online Courses

And now, offering more hands-on support in the form of:

60 Minute Clarity Call

Half Day Intensive Call

Exclusive VIP Breakthrough Day

Family Weekend Get-Together

60 Minute Clarity Call

This is a 60 minute Call with me via ZOOM (or phone) which will allow me to start understanding your personal situation and the challenges that you are currently facing.

( Weekdays only )

I will help you gain clarity : Working out what’s next for YOU and what you have to do to get there!

INTRODUCTORY : Clarity Support Call : £150

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Half Day Intensive Call

This is a half day consultation with me via ZOOM – 200 minutes (with a 15 minute break). I will focus more deeply on you and your family. We will discuss the issues that are most troubling you.

( Weekdays only )

You’ll feel fully prepared to know what actions you need to take both personally and collectively as a family to switch from GOOD to GREAT!

After the half day session – you will leave :

  • Understanding the importance of Self Care and why you need to put yourself first
  • Knowing how to communicate with your children – so they will listen
  • Learning new techniques to reduce conflict and arguments in the home

Development Consultation : £475

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Exclusive VIP Breakthrough Day

This Exclusive Breakthrough Day – 7 hours – In Person Consultation with Cai. This is an opportunity to work with me on a personalised One-to-One VIP Day. You will have the chance to work with me on your specific issues.

We will work under the framework of my Role Model Matrix structure (detailed in my book):

M – MINDSET – Acknowledging that changing your thinking is the first step towards lasting change

O – OBSTACLES – Identifying what is holding you back from more positive action

D – DYNAMICS – Understanding each individual’s role within the family

E – EMOTIONS – Respecting everyone’s feelings

L – LANGUAGE – Learning the best means of communication within your family unit

This day will change the way you have been approaching both your own life and that of your family. Anything is possible – on this intensive VIP day.

EXCLUSIVE Breakthrough VIP Day £1500

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Family Weekend Get-Together

This is a totally BESPOKE and unique package as every family is different.


This weekend is a unparalleled opportunity to welcome me into your home for a few days.

From Friday afternoon through to Sunday lunchtime – I will work with the whole family – both as a group and individually.

A lot of the weekend will be “business as usual” as you just get on with the regular weekend activities. This will be peppered with sessions with me, which will be based on all my observations whilst working with you. I will be offering strategies and shortcuts that will help family life run more smoothly.

Throughout the weekend, I will watch and interact, without judgement, often making suggestions and providing solutions that will help you work more cohesively as a loving family.

By working with you all so closely, this will enable me to gain more of an insight into how you all communicate and interact as a family.

We will work under the framework of my Role Model Matrix structure ( detailed in my book : The TEEN Toolbox ):

M – MINDSET – Understanding that everyone is at a different stage in this journey of ‘Life’

O – OBSTACLES – Identifying what the challenges are within the home and what exactly is causing potential difficulties

D – DYNAMICS – Understanding each individual’s role within the family and how you gel as a unit

E – EMOTIONS – At all times, respecting everyone’s feelings

L – LANGUAGE – Learning the best means of communication within your family unit

At the end of the weekend each family member will :

  • Feel more listened to and understood
  • Empowered in the knowledge that their own hopes and dreams have been acknowledged and discussed
  • Excited to spend more quality time together as a family – whilst also respecting one another’s space
  • Confident that their family is working as a unit – supporting one another
Every Family Needs to Work as a Team.


FAMILY Weekend Get-Together £5000

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