? Today : World Mental Health Day ?

Have you ever felt the relief when you shove your child into school and the ‘drama’ is over for even just a few hours?

Perhaps night time is a battle ground for you – as your child struggles to get to sleep – or worse still wakes in the middle of the night?

Do you feel like you have to watch what you do or say – because your child is a “bit of a worrier” and you don’t want to set them off again?

Well – here are 10 pointers to help you identify whether or not your child might be living with Anxiety :

1. OVERTHINKING : There’s loads of “What If’s”
2. RESTLESSNESS : They can’t sit still. They’ve started fidgeting
3. MELTDOWNS : They often over-react
4. BAD SLEEPERS : Hard to do to sleep – or wake up during the night
5. COMFORT EATING : Reach for comfort food in times of stress
6. PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS : Tummy aches / head aches / sickness
7. LACK OF FOCUS : Can’t concentrate for too long ( preoccupied )
8. AVOIDANCE : Miss out on activities / events
9. TEARS : Start crying when challenged
10. SCHOOL REFUSAL : Point blank refuse to go to school


Ok – so if some of these seem familiar – what the HECK do YOU do about this?

Well – Your first step is to go get a copy of my checklist :

??10 pointers to Support someone with Anxiety ??


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