Are you struggling with your teenager?

D’you sometimes feel like you’re talking to a brick wall?

Is your home filled with friction?

Well, All is not lost! 

 I’ve got a FREE report that’s designed to make your family life a little easier – so that you guys can rub along more  smoothly. Click this link below and enter your details and you’ll get my FREE report. 

In conjunction with this report, I have just finished a mini-series on Facebook and it is all about Understanding Your Teenager Better. You can still catch the replays – and I guarantee they’ll help you.

Just click on this link and look for the : Your TEEN Knows Best : Playlist :

It’s designed to complement the report and will provide you with tools to help – and they’re simple to use. You’ll be able to stop feeling like you’re treading on eggshells and learn to understand your teenager better.

“People don’t always need advice.

Sometimes they need a hand to hold, an ear to listen and a heart to understand them.”

The salient points I covered in the Spotlight Series are :

  1. Expect Tantrums : Arguments & conflict cannot be avoided if you have teenagers in the house. It’s a right of passage. But how you deal with these outbursts is key.
  2. It’s not Personal : When your teen lashes out – whilst they are directing their feelings at you – likelihood is that you aren’t the sole source of their frustrations.
  3. Learn to Listen : Give your teenager the space to think and sort out what’s going on for them; and maybe they’ll be able to share some of this stuff with you.
  4. Ask Open Questions : Ask questions that require more than a Yes / No answer. Open questions allow for more dialogue.
  5. Put yourself in their shoes : Seeing your child’s world through their eyes can help you acknowledge the expectations and pressures they are facing.
  6. It’s not their fault : It’s Biology! In today’s world, your teenager has so much to contend with. Throw hormones into the mix and it’s inevitable that they are run down, exhausted and argumentative.
  7. Read their Body Language : Whilst you are hearing the words that they are using – notice what they are not saying – and see how their bodies are ‘talking’ to you.
  8. Remove Judgement : What may seem like the ‘right approach’ to you – may not be the appropriate course of action for your teenager. It’s not all about you.
  9. Show Compassion & Patience : Your ultimate goal is to raise happy and well adjusted young adults right? So treating them with kindness is likely to help you ALL in the long run.
  10. Practice Makes Perfect : Rome wasn’t built in a day. By practicing many of the techniques and thought patterns I discussed – you begin to build more positive habits.


“Don’t judge my choices, without understanding my reasons.”


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