Why is it that some people seem to exude confidence – and for other’s it seems to be a bit of a struggle?

June 12th was National Superman Day.

(who actually thinks these things up?)

Anyhow, this got me thinking …

Where does Superman get his Confidence from?

How come he is able to save the world at any given opportunity – where as for us mortals, we look in the mirror and question whether or not our hair is sitting right? (Something that our caped crusader never worries about as he’s whipping through the air at break-neck speed) … anyway I digress.

But when you think about it – these things are subtly different : Saving the world is all about self-confidence whilst questioning what you see in the mirror is more about self-esteem.

Self-Confidence is the opinions we hold about our ability to do something. For example beating your foes, writing a presentation, tying your shoelaces or acing an exam.

I bet the first time Superman came up against Lex Luthor, he had butterflies in his tummy too. But practice makes perfect, right?

When we flex that muscle and practice – we strengthen the wiring in our brain – and sooner or later that particular task becomes second nature; allowing us to take on problems head-on seemingly without fear. It’s all about muscle memory. We can improve our ability to do something – with practice.

Self-Esteem is something rather different. This is the opinion we hold about ourselves; and a big part is how we feel about other people’s “judgement” of us. It’s how you perceive yourself and whether or not you value yourself as a person.

Superman’s self-esteem appears to be through the roof; I doubt he ever thinks that he isn’t a thoroughly decent and capable bloke. Clark Kent (the civilian and secret identity of Superman) on the other hand, doesn’t always appear to have his own shit together; but always seems confident in the knowledge that he/Superman will indeed beat the baddies.

So how can you channel your inner SuperHero?

I have an exercise that can help you feel MORE Superman* than Clark Kent (*Other superheroes are available).

The whole point is – that we can “learn” to become more confident – and this exercise really helps. The more you practice, the easier it becomes. It’ll stand you in good stead – until you have built that muscle memory. 

Watch this video : It’s really short and explains how to do it. CLICK HERE : or on the image …
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Print it out – keep it on your phone – share it with your kids. Whatever works for you.

And, as always, please let me know how you get on in the comments below. I always try to answer.

Much Love 💕

Cai x

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