I was lucky enough to meet Jack Canfield last weekend. The Jack Canfield. How cool is that? I am thrilled to say that by meeting Jack, I was able to cross one of my goals off my list.

He was promoting his hugely successful New York Times bestseller – the 25 Success Principles – How to get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be.

The main objective of the day was for us to learn how to go further and faster with less effort. There was one comment that really resonated with me :

There are three main characteristics that high achievers seem to possess above all else :

1. Unusual Clarity

2. Powerful habits of success

3. They assume 100% responsibility for their lives

How do we accomplish the same? How do we become high achievers too?

In the next few blog posts we will have a look at each of these issues.

How do we best cultivate “Unusual Clarity”?

Sleep : solves everything.”

Too many of us manage to survive on too little sleep. I thought that I was doing okay on 6/7 hours sleep – turns out not so much. Jack explained that even though this might be sufficient to feel well rested – it is between the 6th and the 8th hours that our body sets to work on building our long term memory. I am not sure about the ‘science’ bit – but, suffice to say – I am trying to go to bed 30 minutes earlier. This is a suggestion by Ariana Huffington ( from Huffington Post fame. ) She also recommends leaving all electronics downstairs; thus allowing our minds to switch off well before we actually try to go to sleep.

Meditation : Quiet the mind, and the soul will speak.”

We do need to create the right mindset. A clear and focussed mind will stand us in very good stead when trying to reach our fullest potential. What I found particularly interesting was that at the dinner table after our seminar, everyone – without exception – practiced meditation. Agreeing that it has a huge impact on our own clarity of mind. I am afraid that I am a bit of a newbie in this department – but even with 10 minutes meditation a day – I am reaping the benefits already. A great App that I have recently found ( another recommendation from Ariana ) is Headspace.

Visualisation : If you can dream it, you can achieve it.”

Once we identify our goals, our mind begins to work out what we need to do achieve them. Visualisation is a hugely impactful exercise that assists our brain in working it all out. Worrying about problems and obstacles however, isn’t very productive as it visualises what you don’t want to happen. It is important therefore, to spend the time visualising what you do want to happen. How so? By thinking about your goals and picturing them :

* You are acting As – If.

* You are shifting your perception – concentrating on the possibilities.

* You are expanding your creativity – giving your mind the free rein to work out what is truly possible.

* You are providing a focal point for your mind – giving it the targets to aim for rather than drifting aimlessly along.

There are great visualisation aids that facilitate our success. One of which could be a vision board. I have taken it a step further and created a book. The end result is the same. It enables us to view our goals as already complete. Whatever the dream, be it a picture of a new home, a qualification certificate or a holiday destination;  whatever lights your fire, it is vital that you look at the images regularly. Thus fixing your intentions into your mind and giving your Unconscious mind something concrete to work with.

So long as we visualise the positive outcome, feel the feelings and hear the sounds; heightening these senses makes the process even more compelling. I play a particular song and run a movie in my head – picturing all that I wish to achieve and the excitement that surrounds my dream. It is incredibly powerful and terribly motivating. By having focus, it helps you work out how to create that brighter future for yourself. It increases motivation and drive. It’s how I got my mojo back.

“Great minds have purpose, others have wishes.”

Jack explained that Clarity is Power; and in order to achieve this we need to find our purpose. To attain this, we need to work out where we want to be. The trick is to work out exactly what you want and why you want it – and the how will come after. Our mind is our internal GPS . Once we have established what we want to achieve and made these targets very specific, then our Unconscious Mind will set to the task of working out how you can get there.

Whilst our purpose is the reason of who we are – and where we are wanting to go. Our goals are the vehicle that gets us there.

“You have to become someone worth becoming.”

Jack encouraged us to set big goals. In fact he called them BHAGs. Big Hairy Audacious Goals. Jack suggests creating a list of our 101 goals. They don’t all have to be BHAGs – but by setting goals that are ambitious it provides you with something really exciting to jump out of bed for each morning. What a difference having focus and purpose truly makes to our lives.

Perhaps you need clarity in working out where you want to be. If you are feeling stuck and would like help in identifying your own life purpose and if you need help in creating your own 101 goals – give me a call – I can help.

Much Love 💕

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