So, we are just over two weeks into the new year. How are you doing? Have you got it all sorted? Do you know where 2015 is headed? Maybe you are one of the lucky ones who is still fired up with enthusiasm – but maybe that flame is dimming ever so slightly – are you suffering a bit from overwhelm ?

Sounding familiar ?

Very often we feel that we have so much to do and so little time – or perhaps so little energy in which to complete all our tasks. Overwhelm can make us feel sometimes a little bit shellshocked – but in extreme cases – we can feel so stressed out that even the tiniest of things might push us over the edge, so we might lash out at those closest to us

Well if so – here are 7 simple steps to help you keep heading in the right direction.

1. What are your Goals ?

We hear all too often about the necessity of goal setting. And for someone who has finally taken this on board – believe me when I say – once you start to work out what specifically you want to do – the journey begins to get much more focussed, much more realistic and dare I say it, much more FUN.

2. Understand WHY.

Working out what we have to do – is indeed part of the battle – but even more important is knowing why. Why you are heading in the direction that you are pointing. Why you are planning to achieve X,Y and even Z. Once you understand your purpose – and ‘WHY’ – things begin to fall into place.

3. Baby Steps.

By breaking down our dreams, objectives and goals into bitesized chunks – we are giving our minds some clarity. Manageable tasks are much less overwhelming than those big blue-sky dreams. I discuss The Pomodoro Technique : here : it might help you.

4. Take Time-Out.

You don’t have to lie on a beach for a fortnight to recharge the batteries and clear the mind. Sometimes something as simple as curling up with a good book, a bit of exercise or coffee with a friend, can help you gain some perspective and provide the space that you need.

5. Be Realistic.

When we start with a blank page we can come up with so many good ideas that we don’t know where to start. When this happens we have to learn when to prioritise. We have to be selective and acknowledge that we cannot achieve everything right now. I so want to learn Spanish – but at this point in my life, realistically, I don’t have the time to commit to this. Maybe this time next year I can give this dream the attention that it deserves.

6. Face your fears.

Give your concerns the air time that they merit. Respect and recognise your feelings.
Do you ever think of something that fills you with anxiety – so much so that you swiftly move this feeling to the back of your mind and try and move on?
By doing this – you are not allowing your Unconscious Mind to process these feelings. So, when your brain comes back to this issue – the feelings have intensified a little bit more and your anxiety levels have increased.
By addressing these matters now – you are giving your Unconscious Mind permission to process these topics; so that next time you think of the issue it will not command the same amount of unease and attention it previously did.

But overwhelm doesn’t just happen at New Year – it’s not all about setting resolutions. Sometimes we just lose focus and perspective; we can’t be sure sure which way to turn and we just can’t find our mojo. This was me about 18 months ago. I had major decisions to make and my mind was full of confusion. I just knew that something had to change.

Here’s a story …

At the time of writing this, I am sitting here watching the very last episode of The West Wing. I am reminded of a story that two of the characters shared – way back at the beginning – in one of the first episodes. It goes something like this :

A guy walks down the street and he falls into hole. The walls are so steep that he cannot get out.
A doctor passes by and the guy shouts “Hey can you help me out?” The doctor writes a prescription and throws it into the hole.
Next, a priest walks past and the guy shouts “Hey Father, can you help me out?” The priest says a prayer and moves on.
Then a friends walks by. “Hey Buddy, can you help me out?” The friend jumps into the hole and our guys says “Are you stupid? Now we are both in this hole,” and the friend turns to him and says “Yes, but I have been here before and I know the way out.”

7. Contact Me

So if you are feeling stuck or overwhelmed – give me a call – maybe I can help.

Perhaps you’d like to leave a comment – or better still – give me your suggestions for what to watch now that I have finished The West Wing.

Thank you

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