What is your negative thinking doing to your self esteem?

* You can’t do that …
* It’ll go wrong – it always does …
* You’re not as good as them …

Any of these sound familiar ?

Would you say these things to a friend? Nope! But, it’s highly likely that at some point, you have said something similar to yourself. These thought processes are so counter-productive.

Negative thoughts lead to negative performance.

This negative mind chatter or self-talk, inner voice, self-sabotage ( call it what you will ) is not only unhelpful, but it is downright destructive. It can lead to :

* Procrastination
* Unfulfilled dreams
* Worry & Anxiety
* Self-Doubt
* Low self confidence

… recognise any of these?

The Benefits of Positive Thinking.

Studies show that those who are able to think more positively about themselves :

* Take more risks – as they are less afraid of failure,
* See challenges as opportunities to grow,
* Appear to be more comfortable in social situations,
* Feel healthier.

How Negative Thinking works.

90% of the time we are governed by our Unconscious Mind. The rest of the time ( when we have the awareness ) we listen to the conscious part of our brain.

For example : We know that the teeny spider in the corner of the room will not harm us – but why do many of us behave so irrationally when we see these creepy crawlies? ( Catch my drift ? )

Our Unconscious Mind stores our beliefs about ourselves, primarily as pictures. Sometimes, through listening to these critical thoughts repeatedly, those ‘pictures’ become distorted.
We therefore need to reframe these negative thoughts into something way more positive; helping us to build better pictures.

Practice makes Perfect.

Like all aspects of our lives, whether it’s training to run a marathon or practicing our scales when learning an instrument – repetition builds better results. Hence, we also need to exercise the mind.

We need to train our brains to be more positive. But How ?

First of all, we need to interrupt our ‘old’ thought patterns. When you recognise some negative mind chatter, try this :

1. STOP! These thoughts tend to gain momentum at an alarming rate.

2. Acknowledge what you are thinking – but don’t pay much attention to the negativity.

3. Question the thought : Is this factual? Is it helpful?

4. Reframe the thought. In other words make it a more positive thought.

“Change your thoughts and you’ll change your world.”

I am sure you have heard the phrase : You are Enough.

This is so true. But, I believe that we can be a whole lot more than ‘just’ enough. I believe we deserve to be Fantastic and Unstoppable; and the fastest way to achieve this is to have the Self-Belief that anything is possible.

Remember, the sooner you start retraining your brain into being kinder and more supportive to yourself, then the sooner you will be able to use your newer, more positive mindset as a springboard towards a brighter looking future.

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Much Love 💕

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