About Cai

I am a Parent, Mentor, Author of the bestselling book The Teen Toolbox™️, Podcaster and International Speaker.

I am founder of Peak Parenting – Helping Parents Support their Children through the Teenage & Adolescent Years.

It is my MISSION to help parents to support their children, so that :

Together We Can Build a Mentally Healthier and Happier Generation of Young People.


I specialise in supporting families overcoming obstacles; including communication issues, loss and trauma, so that they can enjoy a brighter future.


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I was a Business Graduate and IT project manager until the call of motherhood came knocking and I dived fully into nurturing my family.

Once my children were in Secondary School I set up my first passion based business as a family photographer. From observing families I noticed a modern-day epidemic of parents enduring their kids instead of enjoying their kids and feeling overwhelmed navigating the trials of modern parenthood.

I felt inspired to support parents and children to reach a new level of love, understanding and unity within the home. So, I’ve blended my 20+ years of motherhood with my background as a therapist, coach and photographer to create an online education program, a book, and one of a kind luxury retreats for families looking to reconnect, understand and relate with each other better.

My ultimate mission is to empower Parents and teenagers with the tools and techniques they need to cope with the challenges of modern day life. Once we have skills to communicate effectively and find confidence we can live full, happy and healthy lives.