Cai Graham

“Our son was instantly at ease with Cai, and felt able to talk easily with her. We were able to talk more freely with him afterwards and Cai was insightful and very supportive in our time of need, let alone his. Highly recommended.


“Cai was recommended to me by a friend whose own son had been visiting Cai and they had seen real improvements. My son (then 15) was suffering from low self-confidence and high levels of social anxiety, particularly around his peers. From the very start Joshua felt at ease with and looked forward to his sessions. He has improved so much since he started working with Cai and I am delighted to see his confidence grow. He still has some way to go but the difference is noticeable and what really impresses me is that he is happy to initiate conversations about how he is feeling and rationalise some of the anxieties that previously would have prevented him from even considering taking part in an activity. Thank you.


Rarely if ever do I write a review. However, I feel compelled to write a few lines following a recent consultation with Cai.

I have for a life time been suffering from the fear of public speaking, indeed not only in front of a throng of 100s but even amongst a small group of people. I attended a consultation with Cai to help me sort out this very real anxiety.  I can genuinely say that the fear factor of speaking has left me and I have gained control and developed the confidence to engage with an audience without feeling flustered, anxious or suffering from palpitations.

Obviously it’s a work in progress but now I have the self-belief that before I was lacking.

So a very big thank you to Cai for the kick-start I so badly needed.”


“Cai is one of the most intelligent and empowering women I have ever met, her wide range of knowledge makes her excel in her work, she managed to help me see my true value which is something I never would have found on my own. Cai is sensational at what she does and I hope any cynics can give her a chance to truly see the magic she works. Cai brought to my attention a quote by Dr. Suess “Why fit in when you were born to stand out” and that is something I shall hold dear to me forever, I am eternally grateful to Cai and I always will be.


“Cai Graham is an inspiring and motivating individual, who has the client at the centre of all that she does. She has a wealth of knowledge around her chosen areas of expertise, as well as life skills that she has developed over a number of years, providing her with real credibility. I have no hesitation in recommending Cai.”


“I found Cai to be very kind and understanding, she immediately put me at ease with her wonderful personality, her sense of humour was just what the doctor ordered. I experienced a long session of therapy with Cai, including TLT, Parts Integration and Hypnosis, I skipped away from our sessions feeling on top of the world.

It is also due to Cai that I now have lovely long nails, I had been a nail-biter since I was a child, but one short session with Cai put an end to that.

Cai was very professional in her approach, she made me feel so comfortable in her company that it felt like visiting and old and dear friend. I have no hesitation in recommending Cai, she is a great asset to have in your life.”


“I cannot recommended Cai enough. Cai is such an inspirational lady, was really supportive and really took time to ensure that she listened to what I wanted to achieve. Her experience is immense and approach was relaxed and that meant I completely trusted her and we even had fun and laughs along the way. I would love the opportunity to work with Cai again.”


“Cai has an innate ability in communicating and connecting with people. She managed to pinpoint exactly what areas of my life needed attention. She was able to build my confidence to make the changes I needed, to help me move on after a particularly difficult time in my life. There’s no stopping me now. Thanks Cai ???? “


“Cai has helped enormously in more than ways than one over the past 12 months. I have always considered myself to be a ” glass is positively overflowing” kind of person who led quite a nice life however, following three major losses in quick succession I found myself floundering, lacking in confidence, lacking in direction and in hind site, depressed.  Having searched for the right person who could coach me back to a life that I could actively participate in, rather than just exist in, I came across Cai and immediately was struck by her  positive and professional attitude and her absolute belief in how she could help me.

Cai has helped me deal with grief, depression and a complete lack of direction and focus. 

I now feel I have regained “myself” along with a clear sense of purpose. I have willingly and excitedly stepped out of my comfort zone and with Cai”s excellent coaching skills have broken through negative beliefs I held about myself and am now setting  up my own business, something I have wanted to do all my life but never felt good enough to do. I have also Managed to lose weight for the first time in my adult life without having to go on some crazy starvation diet– Cai helped me understand the major connection I had between my emotions and my eating behaviours. 

I cannot recommend Cai highly enough. She is kind and caring with superb communication skills and has an amazing warmth which instantly puts you at ease. She just seems to instinctively get what you are thinking and feeling and at no point did I ever feel judged. In addition, her sense of fun is infectious. She has taken me from a person who was dying from the inside with no purpose or direction to a strong and determined lady who knows what she wants and is prepared to stretch herself to get it. I regularly contact Cai for advice and continue to use her for regular coaching to keep me on track. She is the perfect tonic and a joy to work with.”