Our childhood experiences stem from the old Parenting Paradigm – that one of “Children should be seen and not heard.” Much has shifted since then.
Natalie says “Kids’ temperaments are more robust now and this often makes parents quite uncomfortable.”
We have never been taught how to parent – so on the back of that – how can we ensure that our kids flourish? Natalie says that unconditional love is the answer.
Listen to this episode where we discuss Natalie’s 5 Step Process to More Evolved Parenting “

  1. Awareness: we are our child’s frontal lobe, so we need to be aware of how we are parenting.
  2. Acceptance: acknowledging, without judgment that whilst we are where we are right now, there is still an opportunity for change. This involves displaying compassion and forgiveness, not only for our child but for ourselves.
  3. Practice: things won’t fall into place immediately, but whilst we are adapting, we can celebrate the little wins as and when we notice them. Crucially, feeling those positive emotions makes it easier for the brain to remember what to do next time!
  4. Believe: Tricking the brain doesn’t work – we need to believe that we are capable of change.
  5. Seek Support: when you are having a wobble – find the right people who will help you and support you along the way.

Natalie is an entrepreneur, co-author, and coach with a background in psychology, business, and education. She is the founder and curator for the Evolving Summit Series, an online symposium geared to help people live their fullest potential.
As a mom of two young kids, Natalie strives to guide the next generation to Evolve, while aiming to support your journey.


Supporting Parents Build a Mentally Healthier and
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Three Questions to Ask Your Uncommunicative Child :

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EP 21 – Natalie Syrmopolous – Adapting to the New Parenting Paradigm

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