How many times a day are our brains bombarded with negativity and rubbish? It affects our behavior and mood.

My guest on this episode calls these intrusions, “brain hacks”; and Doreen has recently certified as an Unhackable Coach!

In this episode, we discuss the importance for us parents to be aware of what we are being exposed to and how, by monitoring these brain hacks, we can adopt a less reactionary approach to parenting. In turn, this awareness helps us to calmly guide our children through the myriad of daily challenges that they face throughout the adolescent years.

We talk about how our kids can take ownership of their feelings and their thoughts – thus equipping them with the emotional resilience to become more responsible in their decision making. All that, and a smattering of neuroscience, this action-packed episode will help you ‘walk the talk’ and become that shining example for your children!!


Supporting Parents Build a Mentally Healthier and
Happier Generation of Young People


Three Questions to Ask Your Uncommunicative Child :

All too often parents say to me :
My child won’t speak to me
I know something’s not quite right – but they won’t tell me what’s wrong.

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* Breathing Through BIG Emotions :

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EP 32 – Doreen Steenland – Adopting the “Coach Approach” to Parenting

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