I went to an event in London last week – with the express purpose to see Lewis Howes.

He is a motivational speaker from Columbus, Ohio.

Now, I have been following him for a number of years – so a lot of what he shared with the audience, I had already heard before.

But’s that not really the point is it?

Let’s face it – if you like Coldplay – and you have all their albums, that’s not likely going to stop you from going to watch them LIVE, is it?

Oftentimes the music that you download is of infinitely better quality – BUT it is a totally different listening experience when you are in an arena watching and listening to them in action.

I was in the same room with Lewis – and the energy was totally different to that when reading one of his books or listening to his podcast.

Point is – it’s the same, but different.

Funny thing is – that because this event was so jam-packed with fantastic speakers and so many lightbulbs popping in my head ( I put Blackpool Illuminations to shame ) – that by the time we were able to meet up with the speakers at the after party – I was running on empty.

I am an introvert – so big crowds totally drain me. By 8pm I was ready to soak in a bath and drink my body weight in tea. I was not capable of joining the throngs and queue for a selfie with the celebs.

That night, to avoid my obvious FOMO – I produced my own selfie – trying my best to capture the likeness of this motivational giant ( in more ways than one – he’s about 6’5” ).

“Fear is inevitable,
I have to accept that,
but I cannot allow it to paralyse me.”


Perhaps you can relate to this? (Maybe not the ‘stick-person’ bit)

But that feeling of being judged.
That feeling of being “less than.” That feeling of making yourself look like an idiot.

So many people have those anxieties which, when left unchallenged, build up in their heads; exacerbating the problem even more. Underlining the false belief that they are not good enough and that they have to be perfect, or well behaved all the time.

I had decades of feeling like that.

Anyway later on, in the second day I had the opportunity of meeting him. I wrestled with the thought of whether I should show him the selfie I had created in his absence.

After all, I would look stupid wouldn’t I?

What would he think of me?

Sod it! What the heck! It’s only a bit of fun!

Bet you any money, Lewis Howes has never had someone ( over the age of 5 ) show him a ‘stick-person’ picture they had drawn of him!

But I decided to get over myself and show him anyway!


Do you think he was impressed?

Those crippling fears that other people’s opinions were more important than mine. Those worries that I wasn’t funny enough or entertaining enough at parties … so much so I tended to try and avoid those situations; so that I didn’t make a fool of myself.

Those feelings that it was better to stay under the radar and not to draw attention to myself.

It was self-protection and to me it just felt safer. Know what I mean?

Well to heck with that!

All this month – I am talking about Anxiety.

Unchecked, Anxiety can :

  • ✖️limit your potential
  • ✖️isolate you
  • ✖️affect your mental health

DAMMIT – it’s just not fun! and that’s not fair or right … you deserve more than that.

So come and join me.

I talk regularly on both my Facebook Page and my Instagram IGTV channel ( @caigraham )

Because – believe me… once you challenge your anxieties and realise that your fears aren’t in fact true … then you can start having some fun again – and living your life out loud. 

You are still the same person – and yes you will always have anxiety ( we ALL need some level of anxiety – it’s hardwired to keep us safe. ) I will just show you alternative ways of dealing with it.

Point is – you will be, the same but different.

Much Love 💕

P.S. If you are a parents and not sure whether your child has Anxiety …

have a look at this post : HERE

Supporting Parents Build a Mentally Healthier and
Happier Generation of Young People