Living with a child who experiences Anxiety is exhausting isn't it?

Especially if you don't know what to do.

I know, that as a parent, you want the very best for your child… but sometimes all you want is for ‘it’ to stop.

Have you ever felt that wave of relief – when you shove your reluctant child into school – knowing that the ‘drama’ is over – for even just a few hours?


Perhaps night-time is a constant battleground for you. Because your child struggles to get to sleep – or worse still, wakes you up, (yet again) in the middle of the night seeking reassurance.


Do you feel like you have to watch what you say – because your child is a “bit of a worrier” and you don’t want to set them off – again?

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We try to reassure our children, telling them :

“Just do your best.”

But all too often we would give anything to swap places with them; just to protect them from their anxieties and worries as they struggle to face their challenges … ALONE.

The thing is that

You can help them.

It’s all about understanding how Anxiety works.

And I will show you how.

I am running a Webinar ( a 1 hour class, online ) on

Monday 5th November at 7pm (UK time)

The training is designed to help:

a ) young people understand anxiety and gives them with tools to quickly manage their panic attacks
b ) YOU – their parents – better understand anxiety and show you the techniques & ideas to support your children.

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This is the next step to helping your child BEAT Anxiety.

Even though it’s normal to suffer anxiety to some degree – these feelings can often be devastating to kids (or to anyone for that matter)

Anxiety can result in :
sleepless nights,
irritability or short temper,
lack of confidence,
disruption at home,
attention seeking,
social withdrawal, or
poor appetite, comfort eating and snacking.

This webinar will help put an end to all that.

Why not bring your child along?

Anxiety and resultant panic attacks :

⛔️Stop our children from taking chances and broadening their horizons

⛔️Stop our children from making new friends and having fun

⛔️Stop our children from moving out of their comfort zone and reaching their true potential

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This is the next step to helping your child BEAT Anxiety.

What Parents are saying : 

 … and what Nancy’s son thought  …

That’s brilliant Cai.  I have the book just not yet time to read.  (My son) seemed very happy with your session.  When I asked how it went his response was “ya, really great… really helpful.  she’s good”  which, from a 12 year old boy is… well… huge.

Cai Graham is a Parenting & Teen Coach, Speaker and Amazon #1 bestselling author of The Teen Toolbox.

Cai specialises in supporting families overcoming obstacles; including communication issues, loss and trauma, so that they can enjoy a brighter future.

Everything you are doing has brought you to this stage. But to get different results things have got to be done differently – right?

As a parent – the focus is understandably on your children. Trouble is, in the process you get lost along the way. This often breeds resentment, fatigue and loss of self-esteem. To be the best parent you can be – we need to build YOU up first.

Cai’s mission is to empower people by providing them with the tools and techniques they need to cope with the challenges of modern day life. She supports them by breaking through their fears and phobias equipping them with some great coping strategies to allow them to live their lives to the fullest.

As a mother and feminine entrepreneur Cai has blended over two decades of motherhood with her background as a Master Practitioner in: NLP, Hypnotherapy and Coaching to create an online education program, a book, and a one-of-a kind luxury retreat for individuals and families.

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