For the first part of 2019 – I was really struggling – and it hurt.

I know, I know – you might think it’s unwise for someone (who offers support and advice to others) to admit that they haven’t got it ALL together.

But let me tell you something – this is life.

So, in an effort to regain some semblance of order, I started looking for support in areas of my business that I am not well versed.

This week I met up with the lovely Fiona Minett from Boss Your PR and we got talking about all things PR and how I/we intend to take my business to the next level.

Admittedly – there’s a lot to do – which is right up my street. But that’s only because I have a lot of content to share AND I have some very ambitious dreams.

So, Fiona is going to help me achieve those dreams.  HOORAH🥳

As entrepreneurs, we tend feel that we have to accomplish everything single handedly; and this couldn’t be further from the truth.

When we recognise that we might need support, I firmly believe that it’s important to dip our toe in the water and start talking to people and see if they are a good fit for us.

I am thrilled to say that Fiona and I are a brilliant fit and we are going to create a strategy to support my endeavours.

I am slowly but surely, building a team around me; a team, who are helping my business thrive; and this feels good. It feels so much better than this time 6 months ago.

Anyway this got me thinking….

Parenting is very similar.

As parents, we are often reticent to seek support, as we feel we have to tackle our challenges on our own. Again, there’s nothing further from the truth.

Asking for help doesn’t make us bad people.

Do you think badly of me for seeking PR help – No. I want to invest I my business.

So why would investing in your family be any different? Nobody taught us how to cope with uncommunicative teens. Nobody taught us how to cope with feelings of overwhelm when we are not sure what to say for the best. No body taught us how to navigate family life with ever changing goalposts.

The thing is about seeking help – that after the initial fears of being judged and making yourself vulnerable – when you find that “fit”, it’s very cathartic.

I get that flood of pure relief when I meet that someone who is now standing in MY corner and who wants to help me get to where I want to be. I get so many lightbulb moments when another pair of eyes on your situation, provides solutions that I hadn’t even thought of – and I realise, invariably, that I am standing in my own way.

You don’t know what you don’t know.

When you start opening up and asking for support – the rewards are invaluable; when someone understands both your pain points and your aspirations.

Personally, it has renewed my confidence to propel me and my business forward rather than sit within my comfort zone and lick my wounds.

The bottom line – is that I want to make a difference.

My Mission : To Help Parents Support Their Children
So that Together we can Build a Mentally Healthier and Happier Generation of Young People.

To accomplish this, my business needs to be in the best place that it can be.

So reaching out for help is not a sign of weakness – it is a sign that you are prepared to invest in your future.

Make that first step to invest in your future and your family’s future.

If you fancy a bit of support and friendly, non-judgemental advice then why not dip your toe in the water and contact me through the Monthly Makeover Programme.

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Let’s just try it out for a month.

What have you got to lose?

Your kids will thank you for it.

Much Love 💕

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