This month – I am talking about all things Anxiety.

And how this nasty ol’ gremlin has the capability of stopping, even the most positive of people in their tracks.

Yup – that’s me Ladies and Gentlemen ( See First Photo )

I am the archetypal OPTIMIST – rather annoyingly so – if I am honest.

But Anxiety can SOMETIMES (not always) get the better of any of us; and at the weekend it got hold of me good and proper.

I am a “give anything a go” type person.
I am currently planning a sky-dive and a sponsored abseil.

BUT something stopped me in my tracks on Sunday … and that was going for a cycle with my darling husband @le_baronrouge.

I am not sure WHAT exactly bothers me … because I know how to ride a bike. BUT I think it’s the thought of getting it wrong – the worry about not being in control (now that bit terrifies me)

Heard of the phrase “All the gear – no idea” ? Well that was me!!
You see – being married to a cyclist – I was all kitted out in the ‘right’ kit. I even had those special cyclist pedals that ‘lock’ you into bike.

BUT – being a novice – I’m not good at clicking out of them – and that’s what terrified me … because what do you do if you have to come to an abrupt halt and you’re still clipped into the pedals … Um, well, you fall.

So – I am just saying – if you are struggling with your OWN anxieties … I get it. And even IF people tell you that “You’ll be fine” … and you know that you will – but your body is yelling at you in contradiction … I get it.

But I am also here to tell you that you can’t be held to ransom by your anxieties. It’s best that you are in control (honest).

So whilst I DID go out for a cycle with my hubby ( See Third Photo ) It wasn’t the most enjoyable day of my life (wasn’t the worst either)

And in response to the quote ( See Second Photo )
“You can’t let other people tell you who you are. You have to decide that for yourself.”

I am Cai Graham … I am a Parenting Expert and I am NOT a cyclist.

Much Love

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