Screen Guidelines for Parents

So! School's Out!It also appears that the summer might have finally made an appearance - which in the UK is a bonus! Our kids are now free to kick off their shoes and relax. However, there are many parents who are complaining that the summer holidays have...

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2 minute Confidence Builder

Why is it that some people seem to exude confidence - and for other’s it seems to be a bit of a struggle? June 12th was National Superman Day. (who actually thinks these things up?) Anyhow, this got me thinking … Where does Superman get his Confidence...

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Struggling? You’ll Never Walk Alone.

Struggling? You’ll Never Walk Alone.When anyone mentions Liverpool - most commonly we think of The Beatles.Which is only natural - and rightly so - as they very firmly placed Liverpool on the map.Whilst growing up - Liverpool was never a very pretty city...

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Self Care – The Secret to a Happier Life

I am currently on a yoga retreat in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains; hosted by KaliYoga. The ethos behind this retreat is that you are given the time and the space to unwind from the stresses of a hectic life. This week was specifically geared towards the...

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Is Your Life One Big Compromise?

I am sitting on the plane - all alone - heading for a 2 week yoga retreat in the Spanish hills with a wonderful company called KaliYoga.I am feeling excitement and anticipation. I don’t think I have been away for so long on my own.Throughout my adult life I have...

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Teenagers : It’s NOT Just Phase

There’s nothing that saddens me more than when I hear parents say of their kids,“He is so angry, it’s ridiculous”or“She only thinks of herself, she’s so selfish!”or“He says nothing to me, I’ve given up trying.”Sound familiar ??Remember when your child was a toddler...

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Anxiety – Afraid of what others will think?

I went to an event in London last week - with the express purpose to see Lewis Howes. He is a motivational speaker from Columbus, Ohio. Now, I have been following him for a number of years - so a lot of what he shared with the audience, I had already heard before....

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20 FREE Mother’s Day Gift ideas

There maybe a load of kids across the land who have woken up today with the thoughts of pending doom.You see, today in the UK - it's Mother's Day and the clocks have gone forward.What happens if you haven't got your Mum something special for today? Well, all is not...

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I am GREEN with Anger

I am on the plane at the minute.And I am livid.I am trying to calm down - but I just can’t.I was in Belfast City Airport this morning and walking through duty free.I stopped at the beauty counter and asked for an organic product. She laughed at me (slightly...

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Rise and Shine : A Guide to Better Sleep

Today (15th March, 2019) is... World Sleep Day   A healthy sleep regime is vital for your overall health & wellbeing : ✅ Emotionally ✅ Physically ✅ Mentally In fact this is Sleep Awareness Week (10th-16th March 2019)   "A good laugh and a long sleep are the...

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