Self-Care Tips this Christmas

If you already KNOW that you want to opt in - then why not just enter your details now : You'll automatically receive access to the replays and resources. Okay - so my kids are home.Well not exactly “Home” – but in the UK; and that is good enough for me!This year is...

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Child Mental Health : Where is all the Support?

CLICK HERE : To watch.I am all fired up!Yesterday I attended a conference run by the BPS ( The British Psychological Society ). Raising Resilience : Nurturing Children and Young PeopleThe event was designed to provide a "clear focus on our children and...

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Beating Anxiety : One Step at a time

This month - I am talking about all things Anxiety. ? And how this nasty ol’ gremlin has the capability of stopping, even the most positive of people in their tracks. ? Yup - that’s me Ladies and Gentlemen ( See First Photo ) ? I am the archetypal OPTIMIST - rather...

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10 Tips to Tell if Your Child May Have Anxiety

? Today : World Mental Health Day ? ❓Have you ever felt the relief when you shove your child into school and the 'drama' is over for even just a few hours? ❓Perhaps night time is a battle ground for you - as your child struggles to get to sleep - or worse...

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Confidence – Making the Right Choices

My kids are 25 and 23 - and both of them are wanting to move to Canada. Well, THAT serves me right! But, secretly I am quite pleased that they are both learning from my mistakes and making choices that suit them best. [ Learn more about that here ] Not only has my...

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From Harlow to Hong Kong

Ever heard of the phrase : Carpe Diem? Well, as a teenager, I wasn't very good at that, I wasn't terribly adventurous. You see, I had no confidence at all. ? I intended to try and fly under the radar, with the intention of staying within my comfort zone hoping to...

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And the Winner is …

I just want to share a little bit of what I have been up to this weekend ... You may know that my book was entered into this year's : The Janey Loves Platinum Awards. "The awards continue to highlight and bring the best in natural products and services into the...

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Self Harm is not Attention Seeking : What Parents Need to Know.

It has been reported in 2017 that self-harm in 13-16 year old girls had increased by 68% in three years. This week, The Children's Society reported that a quarter of girls and 1 in 10 boys self-harm. This makes for unsettling reading for any parent. For many, this...

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Are the holidays leaving you hot under the collar?

"Without school, it's really hard to know what day it is." How are you getting on with the holidays? Are you feeling that "Life's a Breeze" and you've got this sussed ... or perhaps sometimes you are at loggerheads with one another? OK - so we could blame some of this...

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Are Your Anxieties Holding You Back?

“You can do ANYTHING - But you can’t do EVERYTHING.” Hmmm - Not sure I agree with this. I am a firm believer that you can achieve most things that you want to do. So long as you set your mind to it. It may take a bit of planning. It may take a change in behaviour. But...

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