How to address Teens and Alcohol

Today is National Drink Wine Day.Hoorah! I hear many of you say. But for some, booze is a problem…    For those who rely on it too much    or    For those who don’t yet understand its power; (and that group includes many teenagers.)Whilst the children may not view...

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Random Act of Kindness Day

Today - February 17th - is Random Act of Kindness Day! There's such a thing?Of course ! If there's such as thing as Kid Inventors Day ( which was on 17th January ) then R.A.O.K Day is cool too - right?So what's the point? Well - I think it's a fab idea. When we are...

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Childhood Memories

Yeah Yeah Cai ... I’m doing OK with this thanks. Great!👍🏻So you’ll know all of this then ?❓Their favourite colour❓Their favourite book❓ What homework is due in next week❓If they had to turn to one of their mates if they quarrelled with their bestie - who would they...

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Here’s to the BS of “Not Enough”!

OK - so this post is important. Well it is to me anyway. And it is for all you teenagers out there who are feeling alone or a bit different or perhaps, for whatever reason, you feel like you don't fit in or maybe you feel you don't quite measure up.I want...

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What if EVERY Day were a Ground-Hog Day?

I am going through a time in my life - where I am thinking “Is this it?”Not necessarily in a bad way - BUT I am asking myself some fairly deep questions.Today, February 2nd, is National Ground-Hog Day. Ever watch the movie of the same name? This is where the lead...

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Mind Over Matter

Ever sit there and hear yourself say :“She makes me so angry.”Or“They just know how to press my buttons.”Maybe you feel that the world is plotting against you and that it’s all piling in top of you. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. You can do something about...

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Laughter is the Best Medicine … No Joke!

I try to have a good old laugh as often as I can. What about you?Ok - Sometimes we just don’t feel like it - but that’s when we need it the most.Anyway Today is :National Belly Laugh Day.So there’s no excuse.Question is :What makes you laugh?I don’t mean that wry...

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Say NO! to Anxiety: Raising Confident Children : Podcast

Whoop! Whoop!I’m featured in a Podcast!I am interviewed by the Very Lovely Laura Evans from Unleash Your Potential Ltd - NLP Training.Laura has a new series called NLP Talks where she discusses how NLP ( Neuro Linguistic Programming ) can have such a positive impact...

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Blue Monday? Not on my watch.

Ok! Ok!Well, many posts today will probably take one of two forms:A ) Doom and gloom because today is Blue Monday, OrB ) Upbeat and motivating, also because it’s Blue Monday.To hell with that!I’m not very good at buying into what everyone else says. I tend to go...

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Feeling Overwhelmed? … Me Too!

What do you do when you are running on empty?How do you cope when things don’t go according to plan?I am feeling like that at the minute - and to be honest it’s really pissing me off. This actually came as a bit of shock as I had to do a bit of reflection and come to...

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