Ok! Ok!
Well, many posts today will probably take one of two forms:

A ) Doom and gloom because today is Blue Monday, 
B ) Upbeat and motivating, also because it’s Blue Monday.

To hell with that!

I’m not very good at buying into what everyone else says. I tend to go against the tide. 

“A man who wants to lead the orchestra,
must turn his back on the crowd.”

I guess that’s me!

You see, not only is it Blue Monday today, it is also:

“National Hugging Day. “

So Who would you rather listen to?

Those harbingers of DOOM who are talking about today being the worst day of the year – where statistically we are all feeling shit and failing ourselves? 
Or those (a.k.a. me) talking about how we can make ourselves and others feel loved and part of something special with National Hugging Day?

Your shout. It’s all a choice. 

Touch is so important and often says something way more than words ever can …

Whether it is :

💋 A gentle kiss to say “I love You”;

👧🏼The ruffle of your toddler’s hair – just because they’re cute;

🐱/🐶Stroking your pet when you’re feeling down,

✋🏻Supportive hand on someone’s back to say “you’ve got this”,

🤜🏻 Or a gentle punch on your teen’s shoulder (because let’s face it – they won’t let you any closer at the minute)

🤗 Better still – that loving, all embracing hug, that tells you you are not alone. 

We all need to give and receive those moments of reassurance and belonging.

So today, go out and hug people :

🤗Because you can.

🤗Because you want to.

🤗Because they need it.

🤗Because it’s National Hugging Day.

Who are you going to HUG today?

Much love💕🤗