Do you want to turn your life around?

Are you tired of that nagging feeling that your life has reached a dead end?

Maybe there is a particular area in your life that you feel needs a total overhaul : your relationship or your career perhaps?

Well, what you may need is a Breakthrough Session or as I now call it a VIP Day

It’s commendable that in an effort to make things better we try to make changes, sometimes to our goals, sometimes to our surroundings. The trouble is that we are still the same person on the inside – so whatever we try to alter or wherever we try to run to, we invariably take our problems with us. So, at worst you won’t achieve your hopes and dreams and at best, it will take you much longer than it should.

However, through a Breakthrough Session, I can speed that process up for you and facilitate your transition.

How do I know? Because I have done it.

For ages I thought that if I made the right plans and really willed the changes to happen, then I would get to where I wanted to be. But for some reason it just was not happening. Until I was introduced to NLP. Until I got my thinking back on track. Until I had my Breakthrough Session. Then it all began to fall into place. Suddenly, the old ways of doing things no longer interested me. I realised how my old behaviours had been holding me back without me even knowing it.

Change, to some people is scary. However, Breakthrough Sessions can bring about  positive changes, because they are all for your greater good. We all have loyalties and fears and many of us worry about change or moving on. But with change can come excitement and anticipation and often hope. It does however, mean making some tough choices and even the possibility of unpopular decisions.

Have I changed following my Breakthrough Session? You bet your a$$ I have. Immeasurably, and in a hugely positive way.

People started to notice my changes. Sometimes it was the little things that they could not quite put their finger on and other times the changes were so glaringly obvious that it became rather amusing.

The sun was setting on some parts of my life. This was just fine, as I discovered that these were the areas that were draining me – the areas that were occupying most of my time and energy; pulling me away from where my attention should really have been focussed, opening up new avenues.

How can NLP help?

What I found so liberating was that using specific NLP techniques ( including Quantum Linguistics and Values Elicitation ) and TimeLine Therapy, ( for a full description – please see this blogpost ) I was able to release so many destructive and inhibiting negative emotions and decisions, some of which I never knew I had. But in many instances they were so glaringly obvious, when highlighted to me, I was rather shocked that I had not spotted them myself. But that’s because, in an effort to protect me, my unconscious mind had buried them so deep.

I broke down so many limiting decisions, which had previously held me back. I was able to identify issues that were buried so deep that I didn’t realise I had been lugging them around for so long. Issues that affected my relationships, that affected my weight, that affected my career and issues that affected who thought I was. Yes, there were tears, but also there was hilarity. My emotions went on a roller-coaster ride.  So now I am free to move on with a more positive mind. Through my Breakthrough Session, I cast aside my emotional baggage and cleared away the negative thinking; freeing me to explore a brighter future – unhampered.

There are few breaks and it is quite intense.  It is tiring and I came out the other end feeling like a wrung out dish cloth. So don’t have much planned for the next day. But, the changes are phenomenal.

The thing is that these changes can only be made from within. No-one else can do it for you. You have to want it to happen. You have to will it to happen. You have to make it happen. I cannot make the change for you. But, I can be your tour-guide. I can be your Breakthrough Coach

So, if you are feeling stuck or overwhelmed and in need of some serious changes,  give me a call – I can help you.

Thank you

Cai’s ultimate driver is to empower individuals to make the necessary changes, through Personal Breakthrough Sessions and Performance Coaching; using recognised methods from Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and TimeLine Therapy & Hypnosis.

For more information please contact Cai : or call 02891853478.