I am told, that as a coach and an entrepreneur, it is important to tell your story. By doing so, the reader can relate to you as a person and can understand your own trials and tribulations. When we share our story with one another – we appear more approachable somehow, more human.

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So – This is me.


I’d be surprised if you didn’t already know about Oprah’s backstory and the fact that Richard Branson’s dyslexia was an issue, though he didn’t allow it to hold him back – it must have been an extra hurdle for him to address.

So, I guess the most effective way that I can ‘reach out’ is to introduce myself properly. Admittedly I have some words elsewhere in my website under the About Me section  : Cai Graham : About Me

But, in fairness, I feel that a picture ( or in this case – video ) is worth a thousand words.

By telling you my story – it really highlights the real reason WHY I am here, doing what I do.

I have been stuck in that rut – not knowing which way to turn; and with the help of an NLP coach I was able to “sort my shit out” and take the brave step of re-inventing myself.

Brené Brown talks a great deal about our vulnerability – and I think that by opening up a bit – it does make us feel vulnerable. It certainly pushed me out of my comfort zone.

So if you are feeling in need of assistance, and can relate to some of what I have discussed –  give me a call – I have been there – I can help.

Thank you

Cai’s ultimate driver is to empower individuals to make the necessary changes, to live the lives they truly dream of. Through Personal Breakthrough Sessions and Performance Coaching; using recognised methods from Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and TimeLine Therapy & Hypnosis.

Cai prides herself in facilitating people to Live Their Lives Out Loud – because it matters. When all said and done – it’s personal.

Getting your Head Around You.

For more information please contact Cai : enquiries@themindmodel.co.uk or call 02891853478.