Dear Family and Friends


As in previous years, we have decided not to send Christmas Cards.

We have opted to give to charity instead – and this year our donation is being made to

Action Mental Health.

My work brings me into contact with many people who have mental health issues – and as a result I see how this affects their lives and their family’s lives on a daily basis.
Even in this day and age, Mental Health is a taboo subject. In our small way we would like to change this.
For many of us, this season may not be a happy time.
Should you want to help and brighten someone’s Christmas you can donate through justgiving. There is a link on the Action Mental Health website :

I hope that you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and a Very Happy 2016.

Have an Action Mental Healthy Christmas!

With Love Cai xx


Mental Illness in Northern Ireland : 


  • One in five adults in Northern Ireland will show signs of a mental illness
  • When matched to 17 other countries, NI had the 2nd highest rates of mental ill-health
  • Prevalence of mental illness in Northern Ireland is 25% higher than in England

So if you are feeling in need of assistance. If you feel that you or your loved one could benefit from a bit of guidance – give me a call – I can help.

Thank you


Much Love 💕

Supporting Parents Build a Mentally Healthier and
Happier generation of Young People