Yeah Yeah Cai … I’m doing OK with this thanks. 
So you’ll know all of this then ?

❓Their favourite colour

❓Their favourite book

❓ What homework is due in next week

❓If they had to turn to one of their mates if they quarrelled with their bestie – who would they turn to

❓What career do they want to do (does this clash with your expectations)

❓Do they have a trusted adult they could turn to if they were having troubles (not you)

❓What’s their favourite childhood memory, so far (obvs.)

So my point is – do you know what’s going on with your child right now?

Because relationships have to be worked on – they don’t just happen by accident. 
You might be running them to and from school and putting their favourite meal on the table. 
But that’s not where memories are made. 

My childhood memories are

☀️ Picnics on sunny days – and on rainy days for that matter!

🌲 Family walks in the forest – once we lost my brother for hours (he was found safe by a man with a gun) #differenttimes 

🍲 Celebratory meals at our favourite restaurants

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Family gatherings galore

👵🏻 Sunday lunches – Granny’s glasses which hung around her neck, were always covered in gravy at the end of the meal

♣️ and … COUNTLESS games of cards 

So whilst you have been reading this – what memories are you not creating?

And more to the point – what are you going to do right now – so that your kids will WANT to spend time with you in their future. 🤗


Much Love 💕


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