OK! So it’s manic out there.

I am yet to see the tussles over the last bag of sprouts – but it’s getting close. We’re all out shopping – trying to spot bargains for things that we don’t even want.

If you looked at my laptop, you’d see three open windows :

a ) An upmarket clothes store – offering 70% off knitwear – and I have 3 items in the basket ( I don’t even like the colours )

b ) A linen store – I have items in this basket with 25% off a luxury bed linen set ( this will be a bugger to iron – so is it really worth the hassle? )

c ) My final window is open on a well known fragrance company – offering me free delivery if I spend over £80. Let’s be serious – who’s going to want Frankincense and Myrrh hand-washes in the middle of March?

By not pressing send, I have already saved myself £470 !

So how do we cope with all this? How do we resist the bargains?  It’s hard not to buckle under the pressures not only of all the shopping, but the meals, the presents, the outfits … it’s never ending.

Well, I have a little trick up my sleeve.

“It’s hard to have a negative thought when you are smiling.

Fake it till you make it.

So when you are next feeling overwhelmed with all the Seasonal Stresses & Strains ( I know, I know – the last thing you want to do is smile – but trust me here ) then follow this little Christmas Stress Buster Exercise …

1 ) Place a pencil or a pen in your mouth – between gritted teeth

2 ) Make sure that your lips are stretched tight `cross your teeth – a bit like this.

3 ) You are basically smiling with a pencil in your mouth

4 ) Hold this for about a minute.


The Sciency Bit :  Your Unconscious Mind does not really understand the difference between reality and make-believe. So it automatically assumes that you are smiling and as a result it releases more of the happy-hormone.

Now, I’m not sure exactly which one it is : the most popular ones are endorphins, dopamine and serotonin. But who cares what the name is ? So long as it works.

Anyway your body will start to feel more relaxed as it’s being flooded with this chemical. Cool eh?

Now I am not promising that you will attack Christmas like Will Ferrel, in his yellow tights and a litre of Maple Syrup in your system – but this little exercise might just shake off those Grinch-like feelings; allowing you to approach the Festive season with a bit more positivity and a sprinkling of good cheer.

In the meantime – I hope you have a happy time this Christmas.

If however, you are struggling, I can help. If you feel hat you might need a little more assistance and maybe learning more coping strategies like this one could improve your life, then please give me a call – I can help.


Much Love 💕

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