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Discover How to Build Your Confidence and Self-Belief

Today, there are huge expectations to perform well, whether it’s in the classroom, on the sports field or in the workplace.

As much as we try to tell ourselves we can only do our best – we often worry we are still being judged, if not by someone else – by ourselves.

So, when your child lacks the confidence to even “show up and have a go” you often feel powerless as a parent.

Crack Your Confidence shows you how to break down those barriers, helping you to develop a healthier mindset and to start living a happier life.



Price : £197

You can complete the entire course in a couple of hours
So by the end of the morning (or afternoon for that matter ) your child will know :

The difference between of Confidence and Self-Esteem


About the Confidence Cycle


How to prepare for tricky situations


You'll also get a Toolbox of Tips and Techniques to help you in the future

And You as the Parent will also know :

How to best support your child - in a matter of minutes.


The correct language to use - so that they will listen.


The necessary Tools & Techniques to try out for yourself


How to feel reassured that you are the very best person to help your child - even though the roll their eyes at you!

Crack Your Confidence Course

Price: £197.00

Breaking Down the Curriculum Content

Module 1: Welcome

Lesson 1:


Explaining that Confidence is all about that Positive Mental Attitude; and how our lives are affe…
Lesson 2:

Embracing Change

“If you always do what you have always sone – you’ll always get what you have always …

Module 2: Understanding Confidence

Lesson 3:

Understanding Confidence

Learning how to recognise it.
Lesson 4:

What’s the difference between Confidence and Self-Esteem?

Lesson 5:

It’s all in your head : Confidence is Learned

Confidence is Learned & Understanding that Confidence does not have to be a permanent state o…
Lesson 6:

Taking it Full Circle : Knowing about the Confidence Cycle

Lesson 7:

Generally Speaking : Why generalisations can be damaging

Lesson 8:

Preparation is Key : Minimising the risks

Module 3: Crack Your Confidence

Lesson: 9

Look at the State of You!

How confidence – and lack of confidence affect the way you present yourself.
Lesson 10:

What’s Your Story?

What are you telling yourself about you and what you believe? EXERCISE: To help you challenge the…
Lesson 11:

Who The heck are you ?

EXERCISE that will help you understand yourself a little bit better.
Lesson 12:

Facing Your F.E.A.R.S

Exercise how to leaning in to your fears to minimise the impact they have on you and your behaviour.
Lesson: 13

Riding Your Emotions

Understanding that your fears might be holding you back and how to stop this from happening in th…
Lesson 14:

Anchoring Your Confidence

Lesson 15:

Becoming More Social

Module 4: Supporting Someone with Low Self-Confidence

Lesson 16:

Supporting Someone with Low Self-Confidence : 10 Pointers that will Help

Lesson 17:

Focusing on the Positives

Just because one thing is not working – does not mean that everything is broken

Module 5: Conclusion

Lesson: 18


Well Done – What you should do from here.

Crack Your Confidence Course

Price: £197.00

“This is a phase and they’ll grow out of it.”

Lack of confidence and self-belief – very quickly snowball into something more serious.


75% of mental health issues start before the age of 14.


60* of people looking for support are not getting the help that they need.


The number of children being prescribed anti-depressants is sky-rocketing - and yet only 1% of GPs believe that these medications are the best solution.

Don’t let your child become another statistic.

How much is Crack Your Confidence?

The mistake most people make is that they think that the “work it out for yourself” option is cheaper. What they don’t take into consideration is how slow and ineffective this can be.

But also – what is the cost of NOT doing anything about the problem?

Your child will:


Continue to live life in the shadows.


Stay within their comfort zone - never realising their true potential.


Continue to withdraw from their friends and peers.


Inevitably still suffer from those deep-rooted fears of never being good enough.

Lovely Words from Previous Clients

It has been the most amazing turnaround for me and my teenager. My daughter is happy within herself again, being comfortable with who she is.
I love listening to you, I  feel I am either learning new strategies, correcting what I am doing wrong or assuring myself that what I do “ is all right”.
As a mum of four, who are each facing tough challenges at the moment;
I can honestly say it has been a game changer and a true lifeline.
Thank you Darling Cai x
My son’s confidence has improved so much. He is also able to remember the ‘tools’ Cai has taught him to re-employ as needed.

Crack Your Confidence is your opportunity to support your child quickly and easily; paving the way for them to:


Grab more exciting opportunities that life has on offer.


Feel better about themselves and their own abilities.


Start shining from the inside-out.

“Once our children have the tool to help themselves, they feel empowered and ready to step into their own spotlight.”

Crack Your Confidence Course

Price: £197.00

Get started with Crack Your Confidence and enroll today.

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Cai Graham is a parent, coach, and author of The Teen Toolbox and founder of ‘Peak Parenting’. Cai specializes in supporting families overcoming obstacles; including communication issues, loss, and trauma so that they can enjoy a brighter future.

Her mission is to empower parents and teenagers with the tools and techniques they need to cope with the challenges of modern-day life.