In this episode, I am providing pointers for those parents who are needing to work from home.

Globally, many countries are in lockdown, in a bid to ‘Beat The Coronavirus’.

This episode helps you if you are juggling family life at home, whilst also needing to fulfill your work commitments.

Work-life is invading the home and many parents are finding it hard to switch off from work.

I am offering 10 pointers that will guide to a calmer and more productive home environment.

  1. Create a separate workspace.
  2. Break the day into bite-sized chunks.
  3. Accept a different working timetable is possible.
  4. Enlist support from others.
  5. Plan & schedule – to get stuff done.
  6. Prioritise self-care.
  7. Lower expectations.
  8. Be available to what you are doing 100%.
  9. Practice patience – for others and yourself.
  10. Be flexible.


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EP 07 – COVID 19 – Finding a Work-Life Balance

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