In this episode, I am going back to basics.

I am reminding you of the importance of self-care whilst parenting through The Coronavirus.

Globally, many countries are in lockdown, in a bid to ‘Beat The Coronavirus’.

I have decided to start this podcast with a COVID-19 Series, where I support parents throughout this time.

This episode helps you if you are juggling family life at home and you need some guidance during this pandemic, but your energy levels are low and you are finding parenting hard.

This is an extraordinary time in our journey through parenthood; and to some extent, we are making up the rules as we go along.

Sometimes as parents we get our knickers in a twist and worry that we aren’t ‘doing it right’ or that our children are behaving badly and are ‘going off the rails’.

Whilst you are lying awake at 3 am and worrying, things do indeed appear a lot more serious – but with a few tweaks, you can easily get your family life back on track.

Follow my rules and it’ll help you get a better nights sleep x

There is always a positive intention. We will see the world differently.  The magic of small things.  There is no such thing as failure.  Our three basic needs within the family.

I have a handout that accompanies this episode and it can be downloaded from my website :


EP 06 – COVID19 – The 10 Golden Rules of Parenting ( Part 2 )

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