We all have fears of varying degrees and more often than not they are just an irritation. But some of us are held back by our fears; for some of us our fears can really de-rail our progress.

NLP recognises that fear comes in many guises : Phobias, Anxieties and Limiting Beliefs as examples. Thankfully, these can all be addressed and minimised using techniques and procedures designed to set you free from this disruptive thinking.

Is there something that you are afraid of? What is holding you back?

Phobias :

Does your Phobia interfere with your life?

Are you unable to travel because you are afraid of flying? This may be holding you back in your career as you are unable to travel to meetings and conferences or maybe you are unable to take the family away on holiday to faraway destinations.

Are you unable to join in the fun with the family because of your fear of heights? Do you have to sit on the sidelines and watch everyone else have fun whilst zip trekking, abseiling or walking up The Eiffel Tower?

Perhaps you freak when you see the tiniest spider or any creepy crawly for that matter?

Many phobias are not rational. But, that does not make them less real. By using a highly effective NLP technique I can help you get your head around your fear or your phobia and free you from these debilitating feelings forever. Imagine how liberating it would be – if you are no longer restricted by your phobia.

Anxieties :

Do you have an anxiety that turns you from a rational human being to a bag of nerves? Perhaps you have a fear of public speaking? This is very common and more often than not can really interfere with a career path. Our body reacts to these anxieties. As we panic, our breathing quickens, our mind races and we lose all sense of calm.

How is it that our 8 year old child has no issues with show-and-tell at school – but you are reduced to a gibbering wreck at the very thought of making a presentation?

Anxieties are our unconscious mind telling us that ‘all is not well’. Although it acts with our best intentions – it can have a real impact on our lives, and very often in a negative way. We need to educate the unconscious mind and let it know that we are actually able to deal with some of these anxieties easily. Again – NLP can help alleviate these problems.

Limiting Beliefs :

Are you afraid of failure? Or perhaps you have a fear of success? Maybe you now feel that you cannot truly realise your lifelong dreams.

How is it that as a child we had that great sense of adventure, that we had a wild imagination and that devil may care attitude? When exactly did this enthusiasm dampen? When did we stop dreaming big and stop taking risks?

As we grow up – more often than not we are programmed to stop dreaming and think more responsibly and more realistically. Perhaps we were told that “no-one from our town makes the big time” or maybe “girls are meant to stay at home and raise a family”. Any of these sound familiar?

Limiting Beliefs are the ideas that we believe to be true, even though in fact, they might just be an opinion. Opinions that we have been formed from years and years of negative talk both from ourselves and relatives full of good intentions.

“I can’t lose weight”

“I will never find the right partner”

“I am not good enough for that promotion”

There is a difference between feeling fearful and letting our fears hold us back. By acknowledging our fears we are facing up to our limiting beliefs and taking the first steps into making the necessary changes to achieving the results that we now want.

By understanding that only those beliefs that we hold are true, then by changing our beliefs, we can therefore change our reality.

So, for example, by altering our thinking from “ I can’t lose weight” to “I am in control of my own health and fitness” may allow us the freedom to take control again. Providing us with the option to change habits and behaviours – opening up the possibility to start living more healthily. The solution : perhaps removing the sugar in your tea or walking 15 minutes a day.

Changing the limiting belief of “I will never find the right partner” to a more positive mindset of “there are so many people out there who could be right for me” again, gives us the opportunity to make changes and allows us to recognise possibilities. The solution : enrolling in a night class or joining a gym or a sports club could create the opportunities to open up your social circle.

The trick is to replace our negativity with positivity. We need New Thoughts, New Beliefs and New Results. Change is not always easy; but where there is no challenge – there is no change.

These changes do not have to be earth shattering – but by opening up your mind a little – these changes have the potential for making a huge difference.

So if you are tired that your fears are holding you back – give me a call – I can help you.

Thank you

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