What do you do when you are running on empty?

How do you cope when things don’t go according to plan?

I am feeling like that at the minute – and to be honest it’s really pissing me off. 

This actually came as a bit of shock as I had to do a bit of reflection and come to terms that I am not invincible. That – in actual fact – I need to slow down. 

Actually it annoyed me quite a bit – as I have some great plans for 2019 and I wanted to hit the ground running … but things have a funny way of not always going according to plan. 🙄

So, yesterday I took some much needed timeout. To all intents and purposes I took myself off the grid. 
I headed to my Happy Place : which is Lough Erne Resort in Enniskillen and I chilled. 

Last month I ran a Self Care Advent Calendar and … I gave it my all. 
And during that time – I also wanted to grow my membership group and … I gave that my all. 

So by the time Christmas came around I was a stressed and frazzled … something I was guiding my tribe away from (yup … the irony is not lost on me!)

So I planned for some self care time over the Christmas break. But whilst on a skiing holiday I took a fairly bad fall – and whilst I dusted myself down and tried to shrug it off – it affected me more than I cared to acknowledge. 

As a result, come the start of the new year, I was unable to fire up the enthusiasm and energy I needed to get back to work … but I have lost my mojo … In truth – I need to recharge my batteries. 

So this weekend : has been ALL about looking after myself :


✅ healthy nourishing food ( thanks @noel_ireland )

✅ walks in the countryside again

✅ digital detox

✅ uplifting podcasts ( thanks @fearnecotton and @stumclaren )

✅ jigsaw puzzles ( thanks for the reminder @parentguide 😉 )

✅ some wonderful reading material ( thanks @brenebrown )

✅ a massage ( thanks @lougherneresort )

✅ and tea … loads of tea 

So for the foreseeable future I am chilling and nurturing myself. I need to practice what I preach. 
We are no use to anyone when we are running on empty. 

Does any of this resonate with you? If so, drop me a comment. 
Also let me know … what do you do when you need to look after yourself?

Much Love 💕