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How has your Christmas been? Are you still talking to one another?

Many parents I have been speaking to have struggled a bit – as their family have been thrown together and everyone is feeling under pressure to remain civil. Christmas is meant to be such a happy time of year – but that is not always the case. For many, conflicting expectations and differing needs create, let’s face it, downright hostility.

I want to help you with that.

I have learned through all my experiences from being a :

  • certified Master Practitioner and Coach in NLP,
  • working with private clients,
  • my work with the ChildLine,
  • and of course with my 20+ years of being a Mum …

the importance of communicating with young people effectively.

I don’t just mean being ‘down with the kids’ and talking their language … I mean

  • Communicating so that they will listen
  • Listening so that you will understand
  • Working together – so that you all feel supported.

The problem is that they don’t teach us this at school – and as a parent, it’s hard to find the information that you need to get the results that you want.

It seems like only yesterday that we were bargaining with our little angels to stay in bed just a few hours longer – at least till daylight dawns – before they open their stockings; and yet now we are dragging them out of bed to make an appearance on Christmas morning – when they’d rather stay in the sanctuary of their rooms – possibly fighting off a hangover.

Were the New Year party celebrations – exciting or excruciating?

Well, Fear Not … Let me introduce to you :


This FREE Parenting Class will show you how to move your family in a more positive direction, without railroading them.

  • Identify the areas that need to change
  • Learn how to make these changes fast
  • How to encourage your family to ‘Jump on Board’.
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Throughout my Self-Care Advent Calendar ( a campaign I ran just before Christmas ), I had such a lot of fun  – and I have been overwhelmed by the messages that I have received from so many of those who joined in, saying how it encouraged them to make some changes in their own lives. That makes me feel so excited – as that’s what it was all about.

What was evident from all the feedback – is how little self-care we grant ourselves as parents.


In fact – I’d just like to share one email that I received from a wonderful lady – who made the choice and put the tools that I provided into practice. Thing is – it’s like Jim Rohn said :

“You can’t hire someone to do the pushups for you.”

I give you the exercises and ( I hope ) the motivation to do something with them. But it’s YOUR choice if you decide to take action.

Isn’t that Cool?

And YES – it does take some effort.

The easy thing – is to do nothing – but then … you get nowhere. You just stay in the same place.

As this lady said – she took the action … and now her children can look forward to a better future.

You see – like THIS mum – you can “up your game in life”.

But sometimes it’s easier said than done – especially when your household is awash with hormones and “Angsty Adolescents” and you have to cope with arguments that often arise between parents and teenagers throughout the party season. When we feel out of our depth and lacking in confidence we struggle to make the right choices. Confusion and indecision clouds our judgement – and teenagers can spot this uncertainty at a thousand paces!


When you look after yourself and you get your head in the right space, you are mentally stronger to deal with family teenage problems. This course will help you :

  • reduce conflict in the home
  • reconnect with your children
  • talk more openly with your teenager

all of which will strengthen your relationships – so that you will want to spend more time together as a family.

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Much Love 💕


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