Ever heard of the phrase : Carpe Diem?

Well, as a teenager, I wasn’t very good at that, I wasn’t terribly adventurous. You see, I had no confidence at all.

I intended to try and fly under the radar, with the intention of staying within my comfort zone hoping to remain unnoticed.

After my studies, I was given the opportunity to go travelling and I said NO! ( I kid you not. )

I used the excuse that I wanted to start earning and become financially independent so that I could pay for it all myself.
Sure, “There was plenty of time to go travelling later!” <rolls eyes and shakes head>

In truth – I was just plain scared.

So whilst my mates were sending postcards ( remember them? ) from Hong Kong … I was starting my first job in Harlow, Essex.

I missed out on so much :

✖️the opportunity to experience new cultures

✖️the chance to meet new people and make new friends

✖️the chance to spread my wings,

Lets face it :

I missed out on the opportunity of a lifetime …

ALL Because :

I had NO Self-Confidence

That decision : was without a doubt the ONLY true regret I have in my life ( I don’t normally do regrets )

So, the question I have for YOU, as a parent is :

Do you want your child to miss out too?

Do you want them to “Fly under the radar, with the intention of staying within their comfort zone hoping to remain unnoticed.”

If the answer is HELL NO!

Then read on … I have a solution for you :

Self Confidence Webinar

As a parent it can really pull on your heart strings when you see your child struggle with their insecurities can’t it?
Whether they shuffle into school, or fret about meeting up with friends … or choose Harlow over Hong Kong !!

When your child lacks the confidence to even ‘have a go’ … you can often feel powerless as a parent.

Well I can show you how to support your child and build their self-confidence … fast.

Join me on Monday 1st October for my webinar :
Click HERE to Register : www.caigraham.com/webinar

When you register you receive : access to the replay and signup bonuses.

It will also be broadcast from my FACEBOOK GROUP : TEEN Toolbox

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn :

✔️How to best support your child to help them develop a healthier mindset
✔️The correct language to use, so that they will listen
✔️How to feel assured that you are the right person to support your child – even though they just roll their eyes at you
✔️You’ll get Tools & Exercises to try out / share with your child
✔️You’ll be left in no doubt that you can help your child in a matter of minutes.

Confidence is like a muscle – the more you practice and use it – the stronger it gets.

So, why not register NOW :
Click HERE to Register : www.caigraham.com/webinar

and I look forward to speaking with you next week.

If you have any questions, leave a COMMENT or PM me.
Chat soon

Cai x

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