Throughout this episode, I came from a place of learning – and Elena kindly fielded my clunky questions with kindness and compassion.

We dived right in, discussing the dangers of conversion therapy (there is a 57% suicide rate with this treatment); and how this comes from wanting the ‘best for our kids’ whilst parenting from fear.

75% of women (yes – us Mums) have had a negative experience in sexuality and as a result, we are parenting from a place of deep protection and trauma.

“When fear leads the show, that’s when we make decisions that are regrettable.”

LGBTQ is the only marginalized communities who are not born into families who are of the same marginalized communities. The parents do not ‘get it’ and as a result need to be intentional in getting a greater understanding.

Elena suggests how parents might field these conversations; and how with greater understanding and knowledge – we will be best serving ourselves and future generations by parenting and grand-parenting better in the future.


Supporting Parents Build a Mentally Healthier and
Happier Generation of Young People


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EP 34 – Elena Joy Thurston – Helping Straight Parents Better Understand LGBTQ

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