Do you know what I think when a young person comes to me seeking my help?

“What a massive waste.”

Now don’t get me wrong – I am not judging – and I’m certainly not apportioning blame. But it saddens me that these young people aren’t fulfilling their ambitions and living out their true potential, because their insecurities and fears are holding them back.

So, I roll up my sleeves, have a look in my toolbox of techniques and try and work out how I can best support them.

I always stress that it is not my responsibility to make the changes; but I am there to support and champion successes.

There are so many of our children who are wrestling with their uncertainties and anxieties – and it is our responsibility to guide them through these challenges – whilst reassuring them that :

Everything is “figure-outable”.

I never attest to the claim that these formative years should be “The best years of your life” (blimey – they weren’t mine) – and imagine getting to the age of 30 and realising that the best was over …

BUT – I do believe that :

We don’t have to allow adolescence to become a decade of endurance.

Our children are now under even greater pressure, academically, socially, physically and mentally. Thankfully we have started talking about these pressures.

So, yes – we are talking – but are we providing solutions?

I still think we are still way behind where we need to be.

Our children’s education still focuses on algorithms and periodic tables meeting the league tables that rank our schools; all the while neglecting the children they are purporting to ameliorate.

Schools are no longer providing the emotional support that our children are so desperately in need of.

Ironically – if addressed early on – these emotional shortcomings can be reduced and managed relatively easily. But, if left unchecked they can soon snowball and manifest into something more serious, like panic attacks, self harm and even depression.

This is why I have made it my MISSION :


To Help Parents Support their Children, so that
Together we can Build a Mentally Healthier Generation of Young People.
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This month’s topic is : Managing Negative Emotions

Episode 1 : Understanding Negative Emotions.

Episode 2 : Are you Loving Your Child Unconditionally?

Episode 3 : The 5 Big Negative Emotions.

Episode 4 : Handling Meltdowns.

Episode 5 : Helping Your CHIld to Self Regulate.

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