OK – so this post is important. Well it is to me anyway. And it is for all you teenagers out there who are feeling alone or a bit different or perhaps, for whatever reason, you feel like you don’t fit in or maybe you feel you don’t quite measure up.

I want to say that YOU are not alone. And I am going to prove it to you.

You see this resonates with me too. I have many childhood memories where I felt that I was just not good enough. 

Good enough for what exactly?

Well, I am not too sure – but what I DO know for sure is that these negative thought patterns held me back for years … if not decades. And I want to make sure that this does not happen to you.

I can guarantee that each and every one of us have – at one stage or another – asked ourselves this very question : 

 “Am I good enough?”

For some – this question is just a passing fancy – and the thought gets relegated to the “Well, that’s not very helpful” Division.

But for many ( alas too many ) the question is given too much consideration and this idea somehow gets promoted to the Premier League.; where it is given the time and the space to germinate. Once that seed of destruction has been planted – give it the attention that it needs to grow – it gains strength to strangle the positive thoughts and starts becoming terribly destructive. We are wired to focus on negative thoughts more than the positive ones. It’s the survival instinct in us where we’re programmed to stay out of harms way … away from the bad stuff – the negative stuff. 

But, over time, your brains have gotten their wires crossed.

✖️These negative thoughts stop you from seizing good opportunities.

✖️These negative thoughts stop you being the person that you secretly dream of being.

✖️These negative thoughts stop you from fulfilling your true potential.

✖️These negative thoughts just aren’t fun!

UNLESS – just unless – you can put a stop to them.

All is not lost – TRULY. And d’you know what – it happens to the best of us.

I am reading Michelle Obama’s autobiography. I have always loved her. But I am loving her a little bit more, as I turn the pages. She explains how she felt as a teenager : 

My worries about high school, if they were to be catalogued, could mostly be filed under one general heading : Am I good enough?

This was the doubt that sat in my mind through student orientation, through my first sessions of high school biology and English, through my somewhat fumbling getting-to-know-you conversations in the cafeteria with new friends. Not enough. Not enough. It was doubt about where I came from and what I’d believed about myself until now. It was like a malignant cell that threatened to divide and divide again, unless I could find someway to stop it.

So you see – as a teenager – she had these moments of self-doubt too! Yes! Michelle-Blooming-Obama!

Bu somehow, she overcame these notions of not being good enough; and you can too.


Well – I have LOADS of exercises in my FREE app. 

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All because – I know what it feels like when you don’t feel good enough – and it sucks.

Because I haven’t got to the bit in the book where Michelle tells us what her own technique was – I shall gift you mine and you can use these in the meantime!

But what we do know is that she sure as heck conquered her own negativity – because, the rest, they say, is history!!

Much Love 💕


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