In this episode, I offer 22 ways to Beat the Homeschooling Blues!

“My kid’s education is way out of my league”

“I don’t even understand what they are learning – let alone being able to help them!”

Rest assured – it is not your responsibility to educate your children.

At best – but are facilitating their online learning.

Many parents are here – homeschooling their child – under sufferance. This is not a choice that they would have made willingly. So it is indeed a struggle for many of us.

I share my top 22 Pointers in how to make this task a little bit easier.

  1. Start Off Gradually
  2. Create the Right Environment
  3. Teach The Time Management
  4. An Early Start is Not Always Vital
  5. Empower and Support Your Teen
  6. Find The Work-Life Balance
  7. Quality NOT Quantity
  8. Acknowledge the Limitations
  9. Embrace the Opportunities
  10. Stay Organised
  11. Find a Study Buddy
  12. It’s OK to Ask for Help
  13. Ditch Perfection
  14. Keep Your Sense of Humour
  15. Working Too? Manage Your Time Together
  16. Be Flexible
  17. Work to Your Child’s Strengths
  18. Have 20-minute Challenges
  19. Be Positive
  20. Find a Passion Project
  21. Don’t Enable Quitting
  22. Celebrate the Wins (however small!)


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EP 44 – How to Cope with Homeschooling Your Teen

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