So many children are battling to control their BIG emotions, and I am seeing so many parents struggling to help them. Many of those parents lucky enough to avail of the support services, are saying what is offered is not sufficient; and yet many families are not being offered support at all.

Kids are often labeled as badly behaved, where in actual fact the underlying reasons for this behavior are not being unearthed by the professionals.

In this episode, I talk with Avril about her experience of “the system”, and how this battle with her daughter’s school and the authorities, which lasted many years, ended in a judicial review in favor of her fight for seeking recognition of her daughter’s challenges.

I hope that our discussion serves as a beacon of hope for many parents who are trying to seek the support that their child so desperately needs.

We also discuss Avril’s role as an Ollie Coach where she now supports families with similar issues.


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EP 46 – Avril Annett – How to Support Your Child With Their “Bad Behaviour”

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