Oh my goodness. I have just had a real shake up. I have just flown out of London.
And something really rocked me, in rather a profound way. 

It’s the most glorious October afternoon.
And as my plane flew over London and I was able to get a birds-eye view of our capital.

I was suddenly hit by the magnitude of this beautiful city – and the lives that I am leaving behind.

Leaving behind my children – my brother – my family – my friends – my clients and the total strangers all, desperately trying to get on with living their lives and doing it RIGHT. 

I was struck how – this weekend alone – I am have had different connections with so many people, all dealing with their own issues which are so important to them : 

  • Health issues
  • New romances
  • Relationship break ups
  • Job offers
  • Bereavements
  • Pending holidays
  • Business trips 


All these circumstances bring the promise of something different.
Some people going through transformations and others wishing for calm and the end to their chaos.

And for an hour – I have perspective – as I fly over the beautiful English countryside, heading home. 

Are we paying too much attention to these daily decisions?
From up here it’s all appears so tiny and insignificant.
In fact it made me feel very emotional. 

I totally understand that our lives are so incredibly important – but from here I worry we are looking at the minutiae rather than the BIG picture. 
Sadly – I can’t think of any true answers.
I’m a little confused myself if I am honest.
So rather than searching I shall just surrender. 

I think that I just feel overwhelmed as my life is on hold for this hour – until I land – and I can get on with my daily life again.

Very strong mixed emotions as I am leaving my loved ones behind and yet I am going home to my Loved One … oh … and my cats x


Much Love 💕


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