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You have tried to support your child by helping them develop good study habits and showing them the importance of a well balanced daily routine.

But their grades are dropping and they just seem disinterested.

“What’s the point?”

“School work is boring.”

In this episode I discuss the difference between Under-Achieving and Not Performing.

I explain why, more often than not – your child’s lack of interest in their studies and schoolwork is more a result of Fear rather than Laziness.

This is not about making sure your child gets straight A’s all the time – it is about helping your child reach their full potential ( inside and outside the classroom ) whatever that means for them

I leave you with 4 pointers to ensure your child feels properly supported :

1. What’s their MOTIVATION

2. PRAISE the Effort

3. Avoid Using Labels

4. Set Realistic Expectations


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EP 17 – Is Your Child Under Achieving

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