I am currently on a yoga retreat in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains; hosted by KaliYoga.

The ethos behind this retreat is that you are given the time and the space to unwind from the stresses of a hectic life.

This week was specifically geared towards the Menopause – so I fitted in extremely well!

We were nurtured by a caring and capable team, who were on hand to cater for our every whim.

Our mixed bunch of women – though very different – had one thing in common –  The Menopause.

Thing is about the menopause is that it often leaves women frazzled, confused and yearning for some me-time; because let’s face it, we are not very good at putting ourselves first.

Many of us have stressful jobs and demanding home lives. Where we were in agreement was, that to some extent our health was suffering and our families and our jobs were not receiving the best we have to offer; because, of late, we had not been caring for ourselves as best we could.

And that’s where the problem lies isn’t it?

“Self Care means
Giving yourself permission to pause.”


If your kids are playing up, or if your energy levels are low, and maybe if your productivity at work is ebbing – it’s invariably because you are not firing on all cylinders. But more often than not – you are too tired and exhausted to notice the early warning signals before it’s too late.

Last night we had a closing ceremony – where we all discussed our ‘wins’ and our takeaways from the week.

I soon realised that whilst I had space and time available to look after myself – what I find particularly difficult to switch off. Feeling that somehow I was wasting time “doing nothing.” However – it was this attitude of constant busy-ness that pushed me into needing a retreat in the first place.

This week I appreciated the importance of balance. In my diet, in my lifestyle and in my emotions.

“When you are saying YES to others
make sure you are not saying NO to yourself.”

Another lady realised that her daily diet (including copious quantities of gluten and dairy) was no longer serving her – and following an informative 1-2-1 consultation with Becs, she now felt armed with the correct knowledge to be able to (and brave enough) to make the changes at home.

One Mum mentioned to me that she finally realised that the issues they were having at home were not really her child’s fault – but her own inability to relate to problems that her daughter was facing. And only when – as a mother – she changes her own perspective, will things become easier at home. But she felt that this week helped give her brain a rest – so that she could understand this.

“Self Care is giving the world the BEST of You
Rather than what’s left of you.”

Another woman realised that the only way she is going to be able to give of her best is to leave her corporate job and to follow her dreams and allow her career to take a different path.

The overwhelming consensus was that things have to change for each of us when we get home and launch ourselves back into the real world.

I think that the wonderful thing we all experienced throughout the week was the total acceptance we received from one another. We were given permission to be ourselves so completely – unapologetically – without the fear of judgement.

We all felt that we had benefitted hugely from the yoga & meditation that was offered to us twice daily – but there was no pressure to attend each session.

There was a lady who, when she arrived, said she didn’t really like yoga – because they had never found the right teacher. She left, determined to practice it regularly and intent on finding a teacher locally.

Despite the fact that we were of all standards – we also had a yoga teacher in our midst – Lelly our teacher, was able to help us all individually. She expertly remembered our capabilities and physical restrictions – ranging from creaky joints, bad backs, dodgy knees, dicky hips and whiplashed necks; we all felt that our yoga had progressed with Lelly’s caring attention.

I am lucky enough to have another week here.

I am sitting in my room – the guests have left and the army of cleaners descended on the place to get the place ready for the next cohort of frazzled individuals. I am so blessed as my daughter Alice is joining me tomorrow.

Not only did I want to have some mother-daughter bonding time – but I also wanted to help her realise that today’s modern woman, unlike her predecessors, needs to look after herself better; now more than ever.

Rather than put everyone else’s needs before our own – we need to take care of number one. Enabling us to support those around us with a clear mind and a full heart.


Much Love 💕

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