I passed by the hotel restaurant just now and popped in to take a picture of the Christmas tree. 
They were clearing breakfast and setting up the tables for the next service.

Mario, the Maitre D’, was shocked when I asked to take a picture, saying, almost apologetically … “But it is very simple this year!”

Which got me to thinking…

We often try to overcomplicate things don’t we?

Rather than taking life slowly and being present in the moment – we feel compelled to raise the bar, to increase our standards – all the while unable to manage our lofty expectations.

Just like this Christmas tree :

🔹Simple is often terribly effective.
🔹Simple is often all that is required.
🔹Simple works.

So as we stumble into the new year, rather than concocting highfaluting plans and setting unachievable objectives … maybe, just maybe … Simple is all you need x 

“Complexity is your enemy. Any fool can make something complicated. It is hard to keep things simple.”
— Richard Branson

Much Love 💕