It’s Easter … Have you over indulged in the chocolate stakes?

Are you now slightly concerned about the thought of you in your swimwear this Summer? Then read on …

For some of you, shifting the extra pounds may be a mild inconvenience – but for others, it could be the continuation of a long, deep rooted battle with your weight.

I have a product – The Weight Change Paradigm – that addresses why your past attempts at weight loss have been unsuccessful. Using tried and tested techniques from within NLP we establish what’s going on in your head.

The thing about NLP is that it helps get your mind fitter and healthier – which, if you have long term weight issues, is much more important than you might imagine. You see, the battles that we have about weight are, of course about the number of calories that we consume, but it is way more than that. What we tend to neglect is the reason why we cannot control the urges to over-eat ( and more increasingly, to under-eat.)

The problems with long-term weight issues do not really revolve around the food itself – but the individual’s relationship with food; and the underlying motivations towards eating, whether too much or too little.

Those of you who have long-term problems with being over weight, I am sure, have tried many diets to varying degrees of success. Perhaps, in the past, you have joined organisations and spent a huge amount of money in the quest to lose weight and, more importantly, maintaining your perceived ideal body image. How are you doing? Some of you will be doing really well. But burpees and press-ups are not for everyone. Similarly some of you may not be too keen on the weekly humiliation of a public weigh-in or bored with trying to workout how many points / sins are in the main course at your favourite restaurant.

Using safe and reliable procedures from NLP, we work out exactly what is sabotaging your weight loss.

The Weight Change Paradigm does not focus on what foods to eat and what to avoid. Likewise, it does not look at the number of hours you need to exercise to burn off a bacon butty. It does however, look inwards at your values and your limiting beliefs regarding you and your weight. Do any of these sound familiar?

“ I am rubbish at losing weight …”

“ I’ll only be happy when I lose Xlbs … “

“ I can’t lose weight because … “

“ I am big boned … “

“ I snack when I am bored … “

Are there triggers that cause you to comfort eat? Are there significant events that prompt abstinence or over indulgence? Together we will explore the areas that have affected you for years.

Losing weight does not suddenly make you happy and confident – although there are many of us who believe that it does. In fact, Happiness is a state of mind that we can reach right here, right now. What you need to accept is who you are – today. So when we set your new goals, you stand a better chance of reaching your dreams.

Invariably, we are used to putting others first – and we are usually rather low down on the list of priorities. The Weight Change Paradigm makes us take a long hard look at ourselves. Sometimes this can make us feel rather uncomfortable; but once we identify the changes that need we need to make – and realise that we are worth these changes – then the goals become more attainable.

The Weight Change Paradigm is a 2 day session that breaks down your limiting decisions and habits that have derailed your weight loss/gain in the past. It asks tough questions and does not put up with excuses. The process is demanding, but it is context free so that you are protected from reliving the traumas from your past, that could indeed have triggered these problems in the first place.

It does, get results.

It gets the results that you want. So long as you commit to the programme. So long as you are prepared to take responsibility and make it happen. I can’t make this happen for you; I can only facilitate the process. So as long as you follow the guidelines and the programme that we agree upon, you will be successful.

If you commit to reaching these goals – then you will achieve them. You will reach your ideal weight – and more importantly – you will maintain this weight loss/gain, long-term. All I ask is that you sign up to the process 100%.

If you are looking for a quick fix – then I suggest you look for the latest fad – which I am sure, will help you drop a few pounds. But will you be able to keep them off? Will you be able to maintain the body image that you have been looking for, for so long? History suggests not.

If you are looking to make the changes that you really deserve. If you are no longer prepared to wrestle with your weight, then call me.

So if you are feeling stuck or overwhelmed – get in touch – maybe I can help.

Thank you

Cai’s ultimate driver is to empower individuals to make the necessary changes, through Personal Breakthrough Sessions and Performance Coaching; using recognised methods from Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and TimeLine Therapy & Hypnosis.

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