There maybe a load of kids across the land who have woken up today with the thoughts of pending doom.

You see, today in the UK – it’s Mother’s Day and the clocks have gone forward.

What happens if you haven’t got your Mum something special for today? 

Well, all is not lost – I have your back!


* you have forgotten
* you are broke

Either way – it’s cool … We’ve got this!

It’s the thought that counts – Believe Me !


1. Make her a cup of Tea / Coffee / Gin * delete where applicable
2. Make her breakfast in bed
3. Make a handwritten card
4. Do some laundry
5. Clean your room
6. Make a Voucher ( of promises )
7. Do some chores ( yeah – the ones that you haven’t done yet – believe me – she HATES her “nagging” too )
8. Go for a walk ( ahem … WITH her )
9. Paint her nails (it doesn’t have to be beauty salon standard)
10. Unload the dishwasher (yeah – you heard me!)
11.Watch a Movie with her
12. Get all your shit ready for school tonight ( beats the rush tomorrow : win-win)
13. Mini Pedi / Mani / Back rub
14. Write her a Thank You Letter
15. Wite her a Poem
16. Cook a Meal
17. Make a treasure trail
18. Do the hoovering

* There are a couple of bonus ones – but I can remember what they are !

Anyway – I hope this helps!

If all else fails – give your Mum a hug – it works wonders

Much Love 💕

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