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In my bid to support you Mums and Dads through parenthood and adolescence, I go live on Facebook at 1pm (UK Time) . I shall endeavour to do this whilst we continue to remain in isolation.

To avoid the Groundhog Day Effect – “Have I seen this video or not?” questions – I am wearing a different hat – every day. That way – you can quickly see whether or not you have watched each particular recording.

Moving Out of Your Comfort Zone

Moving Out of Your Comfort Zone

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Today, I was talking about Moving Out of Your Comfort Zone, which for many of us, is proving to be a bit of a challenge. Not much is changing from day-to-day … so trying to grab some motivation is often not high on our list.

I am sure this technique will help you.

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If however, you are struggling, I can help. If you feel that you might need a little more assistance and maybe feel that learning more coping strategies like this one could improve your life, then please give me a call – I can help.


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