Parenthood is a beautiful journey filled with love, joy, and countless precious moments. However, it is also a journey of constant change and letting go. 

As I write this – the first day of the new academic year is fast approaching.

AQE practice papers are being shoved under our reluctant pre-teens noses and GCSE & A-level results are just around the corner; all of which are leading our child onto pastures new.

And just like that, we are reaching another childhood milestone and watch with sadness and pride in equal measure as we relinquish the hold on our children, piece by piece.

The Bittersweet Milestones:

As parents, we eagerly anticipate and dread the milestones that mark our children’s growth.

I look back on the adolescent years with nostalgia: the sporting and academic achievements, teaching them both to drive, preparing them for their first day at university – finally watching, as they prepare to leave the family home for good.

Each landmark is met with a mix of sadness and pride as we watch our children take steps towards independence. Every time, offering them a piece of our hearts, hoping they will be okay as they embark on their own adventures.

The Never-Ending Goodbyes:

Contrary to popular belief, parenthood is peppered with heart-wrenching goodbyes that happen again and again. 

This time last year, I watched, my darling daughter walk down the aisle into the arms of the man she loves, and yet again she took another little piece of my heart with her.

Later on this year, I have to prepare for when my darling boy fulfils a long-held  dream of his to move halfway across the world to start a new life for himself and his sweetheart. Whilst I am thrilled for them, it is not something I am looking forward to.

We are continually facing the challenge of letting go. It is a constant reminder that our children are meant to forge their own paths and create new lives for themselves. While these goodbyes may not get easier, we learn to adapt and find strength in knowing that their bold decisions reflect our success as parents.

Equipping Them for The Future:

Preparing our children for independence is a delicate balance of excitement and apprehension. We must empower them with the tools to anticipate challenges and have the confidence to overcome them. The anxieties they face, such as fear of failure, self-doubt, and the unknown, can be overwhelming. As parents, it is our role to guide them through these emotions and help them make sense of the world around them.

Seeking Guidance:

Navigating your child through the anxieties they face while transitioning to adulthood can be a challenging task for parents. If you find yourself struggling with these transitions and want to provide your child with the support they need, seeking guidance can be immensely helpful. 

I can help you. 

I specialise in guiding teens and young individuals in overcoming anxiety, helping them live a life free from constant struggle. Through my ‘4 Step – Changing Pictures’ Approach, I provide a safe, fun, and fast path towards lasting positive change. So, please get in touch. (

Parenthood is all about going with the flow and learning to let go. As our kids grow up and start making their own choices, we’ve got to be flexible and support their independence. Giving them the tools to handle challenges and encouraging them to express their emotions helps them thrive on the road to adulthood. It’s a journey we take together, full of ups and downs, but it’s all part of the adventure!

Remember, the success of a parent lies in the boldness and independence of their children.


Good Luck!

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