How would you like to help your children learn better ?

Imagine how powerful it would be if you could communicate more effectively with your work colleagues.

We all experience the world using our five senses and as a result, this information is stored as pictures / feelings / sounds / smells and tastes. How this is stored is determined by what we call in NLP our Representational Systems.

Auditory – deals with the things we hear

Visual – deals with the things we see

Kinaesthetic – deals with the things we feel and sense

Auditory Digital – deals with logic and our self talk

Olfactory – deals with the things we smell

Gustatory – deals with the things we taste

As a rule we tend to favour one ‘rep system’ over the others.

Have you heard someone say : “That doesn’t feel right” or “I see where you’re coming from” or “That rings a bell.” All these comments can show us the representational system that the person is using.

Auditory people often repeat what is said to them as they tend to remember by listening.

Children who are more visual, revise more easily by taking notes and drawing pictures and diagrams.

Those who lean towards the Kinaesthetic system, have a tendency to be more touchy feely and they would respond to physical rewards and contact.

Auditory Digital people tend to run things through their head and learn better when the subject / topic makes total sense.

Imagine how powerful it would be if you knew what representational system the people close to you used. For example, teachers would find a huge amount of value being able to understand the best learning style that their pupils favour.

Using this knowledge, NLP helps us to establish the best way to communicate with other people. It can help you forge better relationships both personally and professionally – understanding how other people live and work.

It has been proven that activating your senses can actually change your state – how you feel. There are various tricks that I am sure you are aware of :

Those people selling their home are often encouraged to put on a pot of coffee just before the potential buyers some and view their home. This stimulates the olfactory senses – instilling the feelings of comfort and sense of well-being – feelings that are important when considering where to live.

Also the background music played in your spa or beauty salon is specifically chosen to trigger your auditory senses. The music is used to make you feel calm and tranquil enhancing your whole experience.

Not only can we use these techniques with others – but they are very powerful when we went to change how we feel ourselves. This is nothing new either. We do it the whole time. We put on music to cheer ourselves up – we eat particular foods to make ourselves feel better – we choose specific reading material for motivation or relaxation.

I know that I use music a lot to change how I am feeling.

Whenever I was going on a photography shoot – I used to play “ I Gotta Feeling “ by The Black Eyed Peas. It used to motivate me and make me feel positive and happy – in the right zone to take photos.

My daughter Alice said that she uses a particular lip balm. She loves the taste and the smell as it reminds her of Whistler – a place that she loves and it stirs some very happy memories for her. She also changes the background on her phone to reflect how she wants to feel.

So in essence, imagine how powerful it would be, to not only understand that people operate so differently, but how effective we could be at home and at work if we were able to establish the best way of communicating with our friends, family and work colleagues.

NLP can show you how. So if you are wanting to learn more – give me a call – perhaps I can help you.

Thank you

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