When I say “JULY” … What does that image conjure up for you? 

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July for me suggests : 

✔️Family holidays : Laughter and fun … not always sunshine – because as a child, our holidays were a fortnight in Wales; where sunshine was never guaranteed and often welcomed as a bonus!

✔️Sporting Events : Wimbledon and The Open were a big deal whilst growing up. Latterly, The Tour de France has made an appearance – because I am married to a cycling fanatic – a MAMIL ( Middle Aged Man in Lycra ).

✔️My Birthday : Oftentimes not spent at home – as I am generally on my Summer Break ( however, this year may be an exception. )

✔️The School Holidays : Of Course!

So, why is it that many parents are feeling the pressure at this time of year? Our kids are off school and the strict routines and expectations don’t have to be adhered to for a while. Many mums and dads are telling me that they are feeling the need to “entertain’ their children, so that their kids don’t have to revert back to their default setting of seeking gratification through their devices and screens.

I had a bit of a run in with a mum at the weekend – who was struggling with this exact battle of screen time. However, she was NOT walking the talk; she was not setting the example that her kids needed.

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If this feels familiar – then fear not … I can help you.

Every Tuesday, I release a video on YouTube – and this month ( July – at the time of posting ) is all about screen time. SO have a look at last week’s video HERE or click the image.

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If you are still looking for some pointers – then you’re in luck!

5 Golden Rules to Surviving
the Summer Holidays with your Teenager

I cannot guarantee that your house will instantly become an oasis of serenity! But what I do know that it will improve the likelihood that you will all still be on speaking terms by September – when the schools go back.

Click this link and you can download those 5 Golden Rules now! :   www.caigraham.com/summerholidays

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