Cai Graham

“No One Told Me It Would Be This Hard.”

The really sad thing no one has ever taught us about parenting.

No one taught us how to communicate

No one taught us how to have relationships that thrive

No one taught us what to do, what to say or how to say it

No one taught us how to manage the enormity of feelings we navigate as parents, or how to teach our kids to cope with their feelings, especially through the rocky stages of adolescence

So instead, we numb and dumb to the challenges life brings and hope we and our children somehow ‘scrape through’ the teenage years and that our kids will somehow miraculously succeed in school, avoid anti-depressants, drug and alcohol abuse or teen pregnancies.

But how about thriving as a family? How about feeling confident and empowered as a parent and once again being lit up by the magic of your children and your family? How about being kind to yourself and your kids and them knowing that you have their backs rather than seeing you as the enemy.

I believe that as parents it’s time we discover the life-changing tools available, so we can handle whatever challenges life throws at us, and come through the other side closer, more connected and communicating in a way that works.

Can you remember what it was like when you were young?

Would you like to have yourself as a parent?

Why did you have your kids? If you’re like most mums and dads I know your ultimate goal is to have a happy family. We all want to be treated with love and compassion. We all need to be loved, understood and respected.

It’s time we treat our young people as young people, not ‘mini me’s’ or inconveniences. What your teen is going through is totally normal. It’s up to us to be leading the way to support them to achieve their potential.