The Monthly Makeover


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– 5 Spaces Only

Oh My Stars…

I’m SUPER excited to launch a brand new proposal with you.


If you're in an uncomfortable place with your teen right now, I get it.


If you know that your relationship needs work, I get it.


If you're ready to take a step toward FIXING the broken parts of your family, I’ve got your back.

So here’s the idea:


A WHOLE MONTH of Conflict Resolution, Confidence Building and Transformation - for you and your family.


I'm looking for 5 people that want to work with me One to One.


Monthly Makeover is a bespoke program in personal and family development, that can help you move towards the peace, happiness & freedom within your family - whilst still keeping everyone onboard!

Combining experience, empathy and wisdom, I can support you to move from where your family is right now, towards you becoming a more cohesive family unit.

We'll have One to One WEEKLY calls.

And I’ll identify specific exercises for you to implement based on what YOU need.

Why Cai Graham?

I have helped hundreds of people worldwide, in many different ways.

I’m an experienced and highly intuitive parenting coach.

If you already know me, you’ll understand that when I say “I have a vested interest in helping every family I connect with,” that this is legit. No B-S.

My Mission:

To Help Parents to Support Their Children Through Adolescence;
So That Together, We Can Build a Mentally Healthier and Happier Generation of Young People
I am a Master Practitioner in NLP, TimeLine Therapy and Hypnotherapy. I am a Master Coach and Kinetic Shift Practitioner.My debut novel The TEEN Toolbox™️ has been an Amazon number one best seller. I’m the founder of Parents : TEEN Toolbox™️, an online community with a global online presence that many members say has literally “saved their sanity” and “repaired their relationship with their teenager”.

That, coupled with my background with working for many years as a Childline Counsellor; I can easily relate to the problems that our youngsters are currently facing.

Why One Month?

Because it’s long enough for you to get some lasting results.

It’s also YOUR commitment to change, rather than just firefighting in one off session.
I honour your commitment and, in return, I commit to supporting you!

A month gives us more time, to go deeper and unpick the challenges that you and your family are facing.

What I Expect From You.

If you can’t make our call, let me know as soon as you can please and I’ll do the same. I try to be flexible as sometimes life gets in the way.
To show up for yourself and do the work.

To be open to my suggestions and guidance; and know that it is my intention to want the very best for you.

To always practice some self care. To look after yourself psychologically, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Our work together, is not about me fixing you – its about you helping yourself.
There is no magic pill. It’s important for you to take responsibility for making the changes – and likewise, I shall champion your progress.

What You Can
Expect From Me.

In return, I’ll show up for you 100%.

All of our sessions will be confidential.

It’s my goal that you get what you need, and I’ll give you as much help and guidance as I can.

“As our children get older they don’t need us to save them,
they need us to teach them how to save themselves.”

So Come on …
Let’s Talk!

It’s important to know that we are a good fit when you do deeper work like this.

If you feel drawn to exploring this further, then we can arrange a 15-minute phone call to discuss how I can best support you.

Click here and book a call:

What it Costs.

I fully intend to only work with 5 clients per month at the moment.

Your investment per month is £547, paid in advance.

If you want to continue past one month, you need to pay for another month.

If you want to work with me longer term, the cost is still £547 per month but it’s best that you let me know your plans so that I don’t fill spaces with other clients.

We can set up recurring payments if you wanted to.

Get in touch quickly and arrange your Discovery Call – 5 places will fill up fast.

Click here and book a call:

OR if you already know my style and you like how I roll – and you know that this is right for you, here is the sign up link. ( You’ll go straight to Paypal – and as soon as the order comes through I shall reach out to you via email )
So come on – and give me a shout.
Your family will thank you for it.
Much Love

Cai Graham

P.S. If the payment link does not work, it means all 5 places have been snapped up.
Email me anyway ( ) and we can talk about suitability and you can consider jumping in next month.
P.P.S. If uptake is more than 5 people from this email, I will work on a first come first served basis and may have to roll you over into next month.
I will contact you by email if this is the case and check that you still want to go ahead.
Chat soon