Happy New Year

Yesterday on Facebook – I asked for suggestions for any New Year Health and Fitness Challenges. Ones that might help kickstart me for 2018.

You can see the post : HERE :

A number of you suggested that 1st January was never an ideal time to embark on these Healthy new ventures – as (to an extent) you are setting yourself up for a fall.

Here’s why :

January is not actually the best time for this …
which is why most people start on a regime and stop within the first 2 weeks.
Your body is actually in winter mode and is conserving energy.”


Another friend suggested :

“By all means start something to take back control,
but don’t focus on weight loss.
Rather (focus on) on being stronger…
stronger of mind, body and will power!”


I totally get that : and my blog posts from the last couple of years supports the theory that it’s not all about setting impossible goals and targets. Longterm success is more achievable however, when you make tweaks and adjustments to your thinking and your mindset. You are way more likely to get the results that you are hoping for.

The blog posts can be found below :

2016 : Being Yourself : https://www.caigraham.com/best-new-years-resolution-2016/

2015 : Learnings : https://www.caigraham.com/happy-new-year/

HOWEVER – I do feel that the right time to make any positive changes is TODAY – whether that is 1st January or 17th May, or whenever … you catch my drift?

We do not have to wait for a new week, a new month or even a new year. We just need to start NOW.

“It doesn’t take months to make a change – it takes a decision.”
~~ Barack Obama ~~

The best time to make a change is now – and then to commit to it.

Yes – if you are wanting to make impactful changes, then these adjustments are all about altering your thoughts, which in turn affect your behaviour. But I still don’t think there is any need to wait.

In actual fact I started back on December 1st with my Self Care Advent Calendar.

It was designed to help people focus on themselves and to introduce some Self-Care practices – during (what could be argued as) the busiest time of the year. But, in my opinion, that’s exactly the time that we need to look after ourselves.

Many people said that during the 24 days of the campaign, I provided them with a little oasis of calm; and that it facilitated a space for them to create a habit of self-awareness – and (dare I say it) Self-Love.

So whatever your hopes and dreams are for the forthcoming year – and however you are going to implement certain steps to achieve those hopes and dreams : whether it’s vast improvements, small changes, or just more of the same – I urge you to practice self-compassion.

“Small changes can make a huge difference.”

You don’t have to achieve everything immediately – but as long as you are heading in the right direction, that’s gotta be a good thing right?

And if, further down the line, you notice that you have fallen off the wagon or lost your motivation, then try not to beat yourself up about it. There’s no need to write yourself off; there’s no need to wait for that new week, new month or indeed new year. Just dust yourself down, take the learning and start again – there and then.

Rome wasn’t built in a day – and we are all just work in progress – forever changing and hopefully, being a tiny bit better than we were yesterday.


Much Love 💕


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