If we aren’t careful, we get wrapped up in the chaos of family life – taking our eyes off the bigger ‘prize’, notably the wellbeing of our family.
Whilst it is all too easy to get caught up in the chaos of school runs, the chauffeuring from practices & competitions and the myriad of other ‘responsibilities’ that family life can throw at us … we can indeed be distracted by these trivialities rather than focus on the bigger picture.

In this episode, I talk with Becca Cornford about just that. Her family was hit by a ‘curve-ball’, not once but THREE times. Here she discusses how she and her family found the time to thrive and properly connect.
And through all this, she started a business; which helped both her and her family to find some levity in an already serious situation.
Becca is a Mum of three kids – all riding the waves of the teenage years.
She is founder of Locker Days
“Creating uplifting accessories for the inside of a school locker – to improve positivity with tween & teen girls – to support wellbeing both mentally and physically.”


Supporting Parents Build a Mentally Healthier and
Happier Generation of Young People


Three Questions to Ask Your Uncommunicative Child :

All too often parents say to me :
My child won’t speak to me
I know something’s not quite right – but they won’t tell me what’s wrong.

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It will help you reconnect with your child quickly and easily; and in a way that will not drive them to their bedroom to avoid you!

* Breathing Through BIG Emotions :

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EP 23 – Becca Cornford : Promoting Wellbeing at Home & at School

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