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Personalised Family Retreats with Master NLP Coach & Author of the Teen ToolboxCai Graham


We start our parenting journey with intentions of family walks and crumpets by the fire; however through the years life tends to buffet us from pillar to post. Years later, without having had the skills in place to navigate the choppy waters of our children’s adolescence, we emerge battered and bruised and wondering how it got to ‘this’.

This past year has had a huge impact on many families – notably we have had to spend a lot more time together under one roof – without the daily distractions that mask the cracks that had been appearing from previous years. It’s been hard on everyone and especially teens.

As a parent – you might be looking in the mirror feeling alone and confused, wondering why you and your children have drifted so far apart or how to best support them now and prepare them for their future.

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“Surely by now I should know what I am doing!”


You may also be recognising there’s issues in your own life to come to terms with, and your kids are mirrors for you… Teenagers especially, have a way of stirring up parts of our psyche that bring out the very worst in us – shining an uncomfortable light on our unresolved issues, impatience, frustrations, and fears. They push our buttons leaving us feeling out of control and worse still – guilty.

Parenting feels like a lonely struggle

Leaving you feeling aggrieved and resentful

Wondering how your family can move forward

Questioning your ability to guide your family through these struggles

Why Do Parents and Their Teenagers Clash?

Many find these relationships so challenging – because, let’s face it we have never been taught how to communicate with belligerent teenagers! We have these high expectations of perfection and serenity at home – and yet we do not have the tools, skills, or experience to manifest this ‘perfect’ dream?

Using discipline and punishments we try to reign in our children – maybe to protect them from their own mistakes or, often, to protect them from the ‘big bad world’ out there.

However, our teens are wired for independence – so, understandably this leaves our children feeling resentful, limited, misunderstood and unheard.

I believe every one of us have the basic needs to feel Loved, Understood and Respected – and without this solid foundation of trust and connection, our families are left feeling disconnected and isolated from one another which creates all kinds of problems from drug and drinking abuse to self harm and even suicidal thoughts.

family conflict

So here’s the idea:


It is my Mission : To Help Parents to Support Their Children – so that Together we can Build a Mentally Healthier Generation of Young People.
To see the change at home – it is the parent’s responsibility to first see the changes from within.
My ultimate goal is to help you re-establish your healthy and connected family unit and that process begins with you, so our work begins with this : 

The Family Weekend REBOOT


All the ‘physio’ sessions in the World won’t heal a broken leg. Sometimes, investing in a deeper ‘surgery’ can give you the re-set your family needs to get on an even keel again. Far from being a ‘band aid’ practitioner, I prefer that the whole family becomes invested in this immersive process and each individual in the family can be present and involved.


I call this ‘intervention’ a family retreat (Much easier to get everyone on board when this feels like a group wellbeing activity and can be a special moment in life where, whilst we are doing ‘the work’ there is a sense of a ‘special occasion’ and a turning point for everyone.)

What You Get.

You have my undivided attention for the weekend

Prior to the weekend we will have had a personal zoom session for each family member – so that I can connect with you individually – and get to know what’s going on for each you specifically.

We may review your parenting style and how the family currently operates if appropriate.

I will also explain the methodologies that I use and we will do a ‘test flight’ This bit is quite fun.

I will come to wherever you live.

I will arrive on the Thursday morning to acclimatise and rest before our time together and look forward to welcoming you in turn to my private space, usually a hotel locally that we have agreed upon prior to our session.

I will offer a TimeLine Therapy session for each family member. This is my go-to methodology – it’s fun and it’s relaxed and above all it’s context free.

Understandably, many people feel uncomfortable talking about their feelings and in my experience, many have never really spent the time to dig deep.

TimeLine Therapy allows us to remove the big negative feelings, namely Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt and Guilt, safely and easily – using pictures – without having to face those demons from past traumatic events.

The TimeLine Therapy sessions are much more in-depth than regular counselling and are designed to help people with deeper rooted issues, such as trauma. 

These sessions last roughly 3 hours – give or take. This can be quite tiring as we are speaking directly to the unconscious mind and there will be a lot of energy shifting, and we will be spending our time together safely unearthing the limiting beliefs and deep rooted programming that is no longer serving you.

Your Weekend Timetable

Friday morning : Mum or Dad

Friday afternoon : Mum or Dad

Saturday morning : Child 1 or Child 2

Saturday afternoon : Child 1 or Child 2

Sunday – coming together.

(Of course – if the family dynamics dictate – this timetable is flexible)

Throughout the Fri/Sat there will be big shifts happening – and I respectfully ask that we have no external interruptions. In-between our sessions I ask that you treat yourself to space and peace – so maybe put work and studies on the back burner.

By Sunday, a lot will have shifted for each of you and I’d like us to have the opportunity to tie up any loose ends. This is best done over a relaxed brunch – in my opinion at your own home, but it can be booked locally if preferred. 

There will be time afterwards to address any other issues (individually or collectively) that might have arisen during our previous time together.

Within a week or two, I will hold a follow-up check-in call with the entire family, and any 1-1s as required with individual members who want to have a safe space to close the work and review. 

There will be a huge difference and the family can really benefit from looking back on the weekend and sharing, which sets up the new model of relationships moving forward. I shall then provide you with any materials for your ongoing maintenance and be available for email responses for the following 4 weeks for any questions at all.


My ultimate goal is to help you re-establish your healthy and connected family unit and that process begins with you.


What You Can
Expect From Me.

I’ll show up for you 100%.

All of our sessions will be confidential.

“As our children get older they don’t need us to save them,
they need us to teach them how to save themselves.”

They need us as parents to help them become the confident young adults they deserve to be; and this is best achieved when you are all communicating and respectful of one another. 

It’s my goal to bring your family together, so that you can grow collectively as a strong and connected family unit. 


So Come on …
Let’s Talk!

It’s important to know that we are a good fit when you do deeper work like this.

If you feel drawn to exploring this further, then we can arrange a call to discuss how I can best support you.

Hear from my Clients

Lisa, Cambridge

I met up with this wonderful lady for a VIP day. I was unsure if it would help as some of the stuff I was struggling with was very deep rooted and went back 30-ish years.

Has this helped? Most definitely!

I came away feeling like a different person with the weight I had been carrying on my shoulders for so many years, lifted.

I was very sceptical as to what to expect but the whole day was amazing from start to finish. I felt completely at ease upon meeting Cai and would definitely recommend to anyone thinking of working with her to go for it.

Her work is awesome and this lady is a legend.

Thanks Cai xx 

Lisa, Belfast

For both me and my kids Cai has been an amazing hands support, dedicated to the teenage years and beyond – a lifesaver.
Cai, my family have been blessed to have found you.
Anyone struggling, I highly recommend Cai – as the connection she has with children is amazing and I myself have found her to be invaluable.
Thank you Cai for making our family richer.

A Struggling Mum

I contacted Cai during a particularly distressing family situation.

Using a combination of wisdom, kindness and common sense mixed with her undoubted expertise she was able to calm me and  help me develop a strategy. She really did save my sanity, allowing me to stand back from the situation and see it from different points of view. She gave me the strength to  cope and not give up hope at an incredibly difficult time. And she made me laugh. She really was my lifeline, and I’m happy to say that having followed her advice and guidance the situation resolved itself. I am so glad I found her and cannot recommend her highly enough.

Why Cai Graham?

I have helped hundreds of people worldwide, in many different ways.

I’m an experienced and highly intuitive parenting coach.

If you already know me, you’ll understand that when I say “I have a vested interest in helping every family I connect with,” that this is legit. No B-S.

My Mission:

To Help Parents to Support Their Children Through Adolescence;
So That Together, We Can Build a Mentally Healthier and Happier Generation of Young People
I am a Master Practitioner in NLP, TimeLine Therapy and Hypnotherapy. I am a Master Coach and Kinetic Shift Practitioner.My debut novel The TEEN Toolbox™️ has been an Amazon number one best seller. I’m the founder of Parents : TEEN Toolbox™️, an online community with a global online presence that many members say has literally “saved their sanity” and “repaired their relationship with their teenager”.

That, coupled with my background with working for many years as a Childline Counsellor; I can easily relate to the problems that our youngsters are currently facing.

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